The 12th Elder (Kor. 12장로) was a high-ranking member of the Union, a modified human who was contracted to Roctis Kravei and Season 4's main antagonist.


He has short hair and a strong build. He is usually seen wearing an army uniform with medals at his chest. When he performs full-body transformation, he becomes a giant bat-like monster. He can still talk in that form.


The 12th Elder is very arrogant about his rank and keeps disrespecting Crombel as an Elder because he sees Crombel as just a researcher. He tends to talk in an insulting way which has affected his relationship with other Elders. He also has an aggressive attitude. He is very arrogant and was angry with Cerberus members when they lost to Seira and Frankenstein, believing them to be Crombel's creations. Being too overconfident about his strength, he is unable to believe that Frankenstein can easily match his strength.


At some point in the past, the 12th Elder became a modified human and eventually formed a contract with the 4th Elder, Roctis Kravei. This is likely to have occurred prior to him becoming an Elder. The exact details of their relationship is unknown, but he is shown to refer to Roctis with respect. He eventually became an Elder at some time prior to the start of the series, and he was the last Union member to be promoted to the position of Elder before Dr. Crombel. As an Elder, he is highly respected and has a lot of commanding power inside the Union.

However, his behavior and rift with Crombel have caused him trouble, and his position in the Union has been under scrutiny ever since the recent invasion on Lukedonia, leading him to make several rash decisions.

Plot Overview

Volume 4

12th Elder Arc

The Wall
The 12th Elder and Taze arrive in the city at the climax of battles between the RK and Cerberus after he receives a fake report sent by Yuri. Before coming at the battle spot, the Elder has destroyed the KSA headquarter as well as murdering all employees except the director. He feels smug at doing so after seeing the two KSA agents present at the battle scene, helping 'Crombel's men' against Cerberus. Mistaking the RK as 'Crombel's men', he chides his team Cerberus for getting worn out battling them. His bodyguard Taze does the honors of beating her team up and turns to finish 'Crombel's men' when the 12th Elder stops her. He questions Regis about Crombel's mission who tells him point blank that he is not related to Crombel. Irritated, the 12th Elder permits Taze to kill them all and just as she is about to kill Regis; Rai, Frankenstein and Seira arrive.
Frankenstein vs The 12th Elder
After his knights are defeated, the 12th Elder steps in to fight 'Crombel's men' himself. He faces Frankenstein, insulting him. But his opponent proves to be more provocative and overwhelming in terms of power, forcing the Elder to use his full physical transformation. Then Frankenstein reveals his knowledge about the Elder's identity: a modified human who has entered into a contract with Roctis. At this, the Elder is startled and wonders how his opponent knows that as the latter calls out his Dark Spear to fight him. With the continuation of the fight, the Elder is gradually cornered and takes the most desperate action - he takes Rai hostage!
Having secured a hostage (the least likely one he should've taken), the 12th Elder rejoices thinking Frankenstein won't be able to do anything now. He prepares to flee, waiting for his body to heal enough for that action. He then warns the KSA agents that he will destroy the KSA, not listening to their reason. He even boasts of being an Elder and states that it is reasonable that they get killed for opposing an Elder. This enrages Rai who finally speaks up and questions the 12th Elder: "Who gave you the right to take another's life?”
The 12th Elder realizes the aura belongs to a noble, far more powerful than his contractor Roctis as he is engulfed by a Blood Field conjured by Rai. He then desperately tries to bargain information on Roctis in exchange for his life, but of no avail. His final attempt to survive is an attack on Rai with a massive energy beam. But that does not manage to even put a scratch on Rai. Finally, the 12th Elder is consumed and destroyed by the cyclone of blood as Rai pronounces that the Elder has forfeited his right to exist.


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Powers & Abilities

As a Union Elder, he had a lot of power within the Union. He had a lot of highly skilled individuals and teams under his command such as Cerberus, Dr. Aris and by extension, the DA-5. The 8th Fleet that observed and invaded Lukedonia was also under his command.

Physical Prowess

Elder. true form

Physical transformation of the 12th Elder.

As a Modified Human, and one who is also contracted to a Noble at that, he is a very powerful and formidable individual. He is easily stronger than all the members of Cerberus and is initially able to fight on par with Frankenstein, but eventually gets overpowered after the latter summons the Dark Spear. According to Frankenstein, the 12th Elder became a modified human and then entered a contract with Roctis which is the reason for his impressive level of power. He was modified by the experiments of 9th Elder.

Aura Manipulation

As an Elder, he possesses vast amounts of aura, spiritual energy, and is highly proficient when it comes to manipulating it. He can release multidirectional waves of energy from his whole body as well as shoot concentrated energy beam from his palms. In battle, he favors hand-to-hand combat and fights in similar style to Frankenstein and the Nobles, combining his energy projection with hand to hand skills.


12th Elder can transform into bat-like creature which has pair of wings. He uses his wings for better mobility, maneuvering around the battlefield and staying out of his enemy's reach, enabling him to attack from a safe distance. According to 9th Elder, his strength was unstable and not on par with other Elders but he was still quite strong. He is also shown to be able to release massive amounts of his blue energy from his mouth.



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