3rd Elder (Kor. 3장로) is the third highest-ranking member of the Union.


3rd Elder is a rather tall, young-looking man with slitted, sky blue eyes. He has dark skin and long, white hair. His hair is styled into shaggy bangs that almost obscure his eyes at the front, in addition to four long braids in the back. He wears a traditional floor-length white Elder robe with gold trim.


According to 5th Elder, 3rd Elder is typically a quiet individual and he himself stated that he doesn't venture into the outside world often. Despite this reclusive behavior, he is very observant and calculative, acting methodically and shrewdly in everything he does. He is also opportunistic, taking advantage of his current situation in order to benefit himself later. But even with his pragmatic nature, like many Elders, 3rd Elder tries to amuse himself whenever he can, using the guise of personal and secretive work to entertain himself. 3rd Elder is also curious and knowledge seeking. This is demonstrated in his desire to fully understand and grasp the nature of the Union's enemies and how the organization's current state came to be. Yet, for all his serious and analytical demeanor, he seems to have an offbeat tendency on occasion.


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Plot Overview

Volume 6

3rd Elder is first seen in Dr. Crombel's memory, where he asked Crombel to take up the role of 9th Elder; the Union's leading scientist. When Crombel was quite taken aback by his sudden request, he backs up this request by reminding him of 9th Elder's exceptional ability in physical modification. He goes on to say that there should be someone to fill the void as 'their' evolution needs to continue. When Crombel asks him why he has contacted him separately when he could have mentioned at an Elder's meeting, 3rd Elder tells him that the current situation doesn't call for a promotion and if he and 1st Elder acted to promote Crombel, it would cause yet another disruption as 2nd Elder is keeping an eye on him and 1st Elder. He goes on to say that it is only right that Crombel accepts this new role following it with a declaration that the Union will be counting on him in the near future. When Crombel decides to accept the responsibility, he asks 3rd Elder to grant him access to all the experimental data held by the Union, as well as any materials he requires, and to be informed of the future of the Union. 3rd Elder accepts his request.
Next, he is seen with 5th Elder in South Korea, in order to keep a closer eye on this place, as well as fending off Muzaka. Then he asks her when 2nd Elder would be acting, which intrigues 5th Elder. However, 3rd Elder doesn't give much away as he says that the current situation is not great for the Union and that it would be good of him to use his forces (the entire population of the werewolves) to help. When 5th Elder claims that she has no idea what he is intending to do with his people, 3rd Elder is reminded that she was never the person to interfere with things outside her control. Then 5th Elder says that he is too chatty compared to his usual self and he claims that this may be due to his excitement at his first outing in a long time. He gets a signal, which indicates that there are objects traveling at extreme speed and he predicts that they are the Noblesse's minions. He tells 5th Elder that it may not be such a bad idea after all, to reduce their enemies numbers.
Having been detected by Karias, he dodges a ferocious energy beam (in the form of an arrow). Whilst 5th Elder is confused where the attack came from, he keeps calm and sees that the enemy is far away. He chases after Karias by following his attacks and dodging them in the process. 5th Elder deduces that based on the combat style, they are facing the clan leader of the Blerster Clan.
They arrive at the scene of the previous battle to see Karias. They greet each other and 3rd Elder agrees that it isn't too bad having a different, more amusing character as a clan leader. Then he sees that Karias is alone and asks 5th Elder to take care of him. She transforms and fights him but she is unable to damage him as he swiftly dodges most of her powerful attacks. When she becomes frustrated, 3rd Elder attacks him by unknown means. Karias is left stunned and 3rd Elder stands still, without a word.

Volume 8


On the process of writing the summary

1st Elder: 3rd Elder is hinted to share a "relationship" with 1st Elder that goes centuries back, as the two work better together and are closer than any other Elder duo. There is also the fact that 1st Elder and 3rd Elder have planned to "overthrow" the other Elders at some given point and that 1st Elder first revealed his true face to 3rd Elder alone until he told Dr. Crombel.

On the process of writing the summary

On the process of writing the summary

Powers & Abilities

3rd elder attack

Aura Manipulation

It is revealed that 3rd Elder is able to focus aura energy in his eyes. Once the cells in his pupils and irides are full of energy, he can release the focused aura as a highly volatile, invisible beam at whatever he is looking at. The beam is released at blistering speeds and explodes when it comes into contact with the target. Even Karias, who is formidable even among the Clan Leaders, struggles to keep track of and react to the incredible speed of his blasts. His combat style suggests that he prefers to assist in battle (similar to a sniper) rather than fight directly. He can also create shields strong enough to block attacks from Frankenstein's Dark Spear



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