The 8th Elder (Kor. 8장로) was a modified human who was specifically modified to fight the clan leaders of Lukedonia. He comes along with the 5th and 7th Elders to start a war against the Nobles after the demise of Rostere and Muar. He is heavily injured by Frankenstein during his battle against Rajak Kertia.


His lower face is covered with a stitched covering. He has bluish skin and appears to be highly modified. His right arm appears to be mechanical.

In his true form the stitched covering is removed. There are various holes in his body from which he can fire lasers. Also, after transformation his back has something similar to jet.


The 8th Elder was shown to be irresponsible, unreasonable, impulsive, impatient and ignorant, the 8th Elder (like other Elders) was relatively arrogant about his powers as well as his status and itched to display it: He risked the lives of humans in the city just for the sake of having fun. He is short tempered, proven when he recklessly charges at both Frankenstein and Rajak Kertia.

He doesn't analyze the battle or his opponents skills which resulted in his loss during his fight with Rajak Kertia.

The 5th Elder, Lunark described his "half-wittedness" as a problematic attitude of the 8th Elder and called him a "psycho" when he attacked Seira during her battle with Zarga as he was getting impatient for his turn.


8th Elder was one of the product of several hundred years of the concentrated human efforts. He was specifically created to fight the clan leaders of Lukedonia. The traitor clan leaders and the 5th Elder contributed some help to his creation. Also, during the creation of the 8th Elder, the 9th Elder and Ignes Kravei created 3 other Anti-Clan Leader Weapons, which are all said to be on equal ranks to the 8th Elder.

Plot Overview

Volume 5

Traitorous Clan Leader Arc

The deaths of Rostere and Muar in South Korea where the results in the declaration of war by Union. Union sends 5th Elder, Zarga Siriana and 8th Elder to pass judgment on all involved. They create havoc in city to call out nobles. According to the 5th Elder, 8th wanted an opportunity to use his powers on a large scale. His fun is interrupted when Seira enters the stage alone.
The 8th brags about himself as he blocks Seira's attack. He feels disappointed when the 7th Elder decides to fight Seira. During their fight, he fires an energy beam towards Seira, thanks to which, Zarga is able to successfully land a vicious attack on her left arm. He again feels disappointed when Zarga refuses to back down in the fight. A battle-worn Seira is still standing (barely) and the 8th elder can't help himself firing a massive beam right at her. Zarga allows this attack though the 5th showed displeasure. He feels that he killed the clan leader until he hears a voice calling them "bastards". When the smoke clears, standing there holding Seira's unconscious form and looking extremely revolted, is Frankenstein. Zarga recognizes him instantly and the 5th recognizes the name.
The 8th Elder is surprised that they know each other, and he's further surprised when he realizes that Frankenstein knows Roctis Kravei. Frankenstein then tells Seira to rest a bit and unleashes a volley of destruction on the elders. Using the cover provided by the dust and smoke to get close to them, Frankenstein unleashes the dark spear in their midst. Then he goes after the 8th Elder until he's forced back by Zarga's soul weapon only to deflect it into hitting the fallen 8th Elder.
As other elders and Frankenstein face off, the 8th Elder digs his way out of the rubble and furiously charges at Frankenstein. But, before the 8th reaches Frankenstein, cuts appear all over the 8th Elder's body (courtesy of Rajak) and his charge is deflected to the side. As the 8th rises looking relatively unscathed, both Frankenstein and Rajak are shocked. Then the 8th launches a wave of attacks at Rajak who evades them with his speed.
The rampage of the 8th Elder makes Frankenstein concerned about just how advanced and powerful the enhancements from the union are. The Lady Werewolf explains that she too was surprised the first time she saw the 8th and reveals that he was custom-made for the purpose of fighting Lukedonian Clan Leaders. As the 8th rampages after Rajak in the background, she confesses that his stupidity is still a bit a problem.
Rajak decides to test this anti-Clan Leader elder out in earnest. Consequently, the 8th Elder is subject to Rajak's attacks slicing him in blinding speed. But the 8th Elder manages to get up again, though his skin is now gone, revealing the machinery inside. The battle between him and Rajak rages on. Despite taking quite a bit of damage the 8th Elder shows no signs of wearing out, in fact, he seems to become more powerful. Using an energy shield on his body to protect himself, he attempts a variety of beam weapons but Rajak is just too fast for him. It eventually becomes apparent that, though it will take a while with his incomplete soul weapon, Rajak will be the victor.
Understanding this, the 5th Elder prepares to intervene in order to save the 8th. Before anybody can do anything, however, the battle stops because the 8th Elder notices he's been impaled through the stomach - by Frankenstein's Dark Spear!
Destroyed School
Frankenstein feigns embarrassment at "accidentally" impaling the 8th Elder with his dark spear while he was fighting Rajak. The 8th calls this cheating to which Frankenstein feigns innocence by saying that the weapon may look cool but it's hard to handle, and also what he did was still far better than 8th did (Previously attacking Seira when she was fighting Zarga). As the spear tries to consume the 8th, he tries to pull it out which only seems to make the situation worse.
Seeing all this, 5th Elder decides it's time to join the battle and attacks Frankenstein. He is quickly pushed back and forced to call the Dark Spear back to himself before it consumes the 8th.

Reunion Arc

After the arrival of Urokai, 6th Elder during the fight between Frankenstein and 5th Elder, Frankenstein declares he would kill all of them. 5th, 6th and 8th laughs on this while Frankenstein allows dark spear to consume him and goes berserk with the dark power. 8th barely survives the aura explosion created by Frankenstein's transformation. Frankenstein and the 5th Elder continues their fight and the 8th chooses this inopportune moment to try to launch a cheap shot at Frankenstein with his beam cannon, which annoys the Werewolf considerably. But Frankenstein appears behind him and cuts him to pieces, putting an end to him once and for all!


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Powers & Abilities

The 8th Elder is one of the most powerful Modified Humans. He can shoot light blue beams of energy from the palms of his hands, powerful enough to level the landscape when he tried to finish off Seira J. Loyard. There seems to be a device on the palms which

8th in his true form firing multiple lasers.

the beams come from. It is unknown how significant a role his mechanical right arm plays in his ability to shoot beams.

Cyborg Modification

The 8th elder's is actually a high-tech cyborg. In this form he can fire lasers from all over his body. He also has the ability to form an energy shield to cover his body or on specific parts of his body. It is durable enough to block Rajak's attacks with his Soul Weapon.



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