8th fleet2

The 8th Fleet ready to attack Lukedonia

8th fleet battleship

One of the battleships

The 8th Fleet was a fleet of seven battleships under the command of the 12th Elder. It had been observing Lukedonia from the outer sea for 10 years. When Raizel and Raskreia clash, due to their immense powers, the Union satellites managed to capture some pictures of Lukedonia and this prompted the Captain of the fleet to order the fleet to invade the land, without the permission of the Union itself. Ignoring the warnings from the Nobles, the Lord orders Ludis Mergas to go and greet the fleet himself as the guardian of Lukedonia. Ludis is enraged that the fleet killed members of his central order and observes the fleet. The fleet detects him and shoots missiles towards him but the attack is blocked. The captain is surprised but knows that he is facing a 'monster' who has lived for centuries and commands the entire fleet to attack him and Lukedonia in general. However, Ludis summons a green shield of aura to block the projectiles and then travels swiftly to the fleet and destroys the whole fleet in under an hour.

The Fleet's firepower

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