The 9th Elder (Kor. 9장로) was a high-ranking member of the Union with the title of Elder, and one of the main antagonists of Season 6. Judging by his statement, it seems he was the main scientist of Union. He is killed in the battle against Frankenstein, being consumed by the Dark Spear.


He is a short elderly man, with a long white beard that extends all the way to his waist. He has long white eyelashes and his head is mostly bald, except for a long white queue which is hung over his right shoulder.


He is shown to be quite analytic, and appears to have a quiet but very serious and stern personality. He is often at the side of Roctis, and they appear to be confidants. He is also quite arrogant in his own way, believing himself to be the best scientist in the field of human experimentation and bragging about it in front of Frankenstein - the originator of physical modifications himself.


He has the rank of an Elder and is supposedly the head researcher within the Union. It has been implied that he has done frequent experiments on Ignes in the past, with her and Roctis's consent.

Plot Overview

Volume 4

The 12th Elder Arc

Normal Life
The 9th Elder is first seen walking with Roctis Kravei, the 4th Elder, when Roctis senses the death of the 12th Elder and tells this to the 9th Elder. The 9th is surprised and wonders who was powerful enough to defeat the 12th Elder despite him being a modified human that was contracted to a Kravei. He then notes that the death of the 12th Elder is going to cause a great commotion.
His prediction comes true and more deaths of elders (10th and 11th) follow which stimulates the Union to finally go to a head on war with the Nobles.

Volume 5

M-24 Arc

The Fugitive
The 9th Elder relays a report he receives to Roctis regarding the 12th Elder's death. It was reported that the 12th Elder met his end because of a Noble. He agrees when Roctis suggests that the noble must be a clan leader to be strong enough to kill the 12th Elder. He learns here that a clan leader may sense that Roctis is the 12th Elder's contractor and announces that he will begin the investigation of the 12th Elder's actions.

Traitorous Clan Leader Arc

After sending the 5th, 7th and 8th Elders to start the war, he is again shown to be conversing with Roctis, stating his certainty that the nobles will be subdued and they will emerge as rulers of human world.

Reunion Arc

Eye of the Typhoon
After the sent elders are annihilated and the presence of the Noblesse is announced, the 9th Elder visits a chamber in the lab which holds a body of Muzaka in a glass vessel. He deems they'd have to awaken him soon in order to fight.

Volume 6

The 9th Elder was with Roctis Kravei when Dr. Crombel pays them a sudden visit. The latter explains his reason of visit to inquire about the current events of the 4th Elder. 9th Elder quickly dismisses Crombel, implying that he has no right to ask for such information. As Crombel is about to go, Ignes arrives and meets him. Both the 9th and Roctis watch reluctantly as Ignes accompanies Crombel out.
The 9th Elder finds that Ignes has departed for Korea along with their anti-clan-leader weapons (to get some noble samples after she had learned from Crombel that nobles of Lukedonia have been causing chaos in the Union). She brings an unconscious Seira to their secret island and tells the 9th Elder to collect his own noble samples who has followed her there. He eagerly hunts the two new samples (Regis and Rael) and catches them with the help from Ignes. Together they draw blood, tissue and many other samples from the noble children for experimenting. Ere long, the 5th Elder arrives to check on them. When the 9th goes to meet her, a commotion occurs nearby. The 9th elder volunteers to go and check so as to prevent the 5th from wandering off which might lead to her discovery of their secret experiments.
There he finds another possible sample: Frankenstein. He asks Frankenstein to follow him as he will be his experimental subject from now on. He even brags of being the best modification scientist existing. Frankenstein is quite surprised and outraged to hear such hilarious words. Frankenstein destroys his remaining weapon and awed by his sample's powers, the 9th begins fighting him.
In a short while, the 9th Elder is outmatched and the 5th Elder arrives the scene. She calls Frankenstein by his name and the 9th is in a stupor to find out who he has been fighting and bragging with all along. As the 5th declines from offering any help to him, the 9th elder makes a sneak attack on Frankenstein. However, it is easily evaded Frankenstein explains how the Union had planted a false story about him and even offers to hand over the Dark Spear to the 9th Elder. Shocked and surprised, the 9th Elder grabs the spear Frankenstein throws at him. His glee of holding the dark weapon turns into a nightmare as it starts to consume him abruptly. Within a few moments, the 9th Elder is fully devoured by the Dark Spear which is then retrieved by Frankenstein.


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Powers & Abilities

Being a Union Elder, he has a very high level of authority and is considered the most valuable asset within the Union which gives reason of him being denied to participate with other Elders in the investigation of the series of incidents and including the death of the 12th Elder in Korea.

Scientific Expertise

He was a brilliant scientist and is superior to Dr. Crombel who is always ambitious to surpass him. Most of the modified humans were his work as he is the one who handled the modification experiment on the 8th and 12th Elder and is likely to be responsible for many other high level experiments within the Union.

9th elder spider shots

The 9th Elder shooting blasts of electricity.


As a Modified Human, the 9th Elder can physically transform. This was shown first time against Regis and Rael in Chapter 304. He grows four spider leg-like extension from his back with which he can release explosive bursts of electricity. His extensions are also strong enough to pierce through a noble easily. Despite his transformation, he is easily defeated by Frankenstein. He was absorbed by the Dark Spear when Frankenstein handed it to him.



  • He had never fought against any pure-blooded noble until he captured Regis and Rael.


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