Ancient site 397

It is an ancient, isolated site, situated deep amidst the forests of Lukedonia. There are three stones placed in a small circle with ancient runes carved on the surface. Unknown to the current generation of Nobles, the site is actually a sacrificial ground. The runestones have the power to draw out life force from surrounding beings and transfer it to the Blood Stone. When activated, the runes on the stones glow with crimson aura and begin forcing out nearby energy.

Lagus Tradio can control the site after fusing with the Blood Stone. Prior to it, Claudia summoned the Tradio Clan Nobles in the site as Lagus had ordered. No one knew about the dangerous intention of Lagus, not even Claudia. The Nobles assemble around the runestones and Lagus activates the site. The stones begin to react. The Nobles drop down, one by one, as their life force gets drawn out. Claudia arrives and finds her clan members unconscious. She uses her power to destroy the stones in order to save her clan.

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