The Anti-Clan Leader Weapons (Kor. 대 가주용 병기) are cyberkinetic and bionic humanoid weapons custom-made by Ignes Kravei and the 9th Elder. They were tailor-made to fight against clan leaders and each of them have powers similar to the 8th Elder (albeit on a weaker scale). However, the knowledge of their making and existence are limited to Roctis, the 9th Elder and Ignes. Their development was kept secret from the other Elders until Ignes used them in South Korea to attack Seira and Rael. However, all three of them were destroyed: two were destroyed by Rael and one was destroyed by Frankenstein.

Powers & Abilities

Ignes was able to collect data on the combat abilities of these weapons during their fight against Seira. She later admitted that she was wise to bring 3 of them as she thought that Seira could have dispatched a single one of them easily. She also realizes that she may need to make multiple alterations to these as they seem to be weaker than expected, shown by Rael dispatching two of them with Grandia (a relatively weak and incomplete Soul Weapon).

Aura Manipulation

Their primary ability is the energy manipulation. Interestingly enough, they can manipulate aura energy in various ways. Since aura is an ethereal and supernatural energy that stems from the soul, this means that these weapons are at least semi-organic, and may indeed be highly advanced cyborgs. Or, it could mean that the Union has found a way to create an "artificial soul" or it could simply be that the energy they manipulate may be a variant of laser beams.

They can shoot powerful energy beams from their mouths and palms and spray condensed energy bullets which explode upon contact with the enemy. They can also alter the shape of their limbs, such as changing their hand into a spear shape to stab opponents. They can also focus their energy and shape into a square shields to protect against energy attacks as well as kinetic and blunt force based attacks. These shields are very strong and durable (as shown against the fight with Seira), but Frankenstein's unique Dark Aura was able to break through one with ease.


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