Armageddon refers to a group of satellites, created by 1st Elder and 3rd Elder.

After the disappearance of the Dark Spear, the Union focused its resources on developing Armageddon for a long time. Armageddon was kept a secret from the noble and werewolf Elders of the Union since the 1st Elder feared that they would come after the humans if it was discovered. Moreover, the 1st Elder knew that Lukedonia and the werewolves possessed hidden devices and it was not possible to deliver a fatal blow to either with a single attack.

The 1st Elder could control Armageddon and direct it to deliver a powerful laser attack. He used it for the first time against the werewolves by destroying their residential block during the Union's invasion. The explosion was powerful enough to be detected by Crombel through satellite. Since it was the first time he had used it, the coordinates were imperfect.

Raizel used telekinesis to destroy Armageddon before the 1st Elder could carry out another strike. 1st Elder had warned that the strike would have taken place even if he was no more.

Since the destruction of the original satellite, Crombel found out that 1st Elder, had created hidden satellites. After finding out about them, he managed to locate two and after testing one out on the ocean, he decided to test the second one out on Frankenstein's Residence. Rai blocked the attack and destroyed the satellite.

Due to the satellites ending up in Crombel's possession, Rai takes it upon himself to destroy the remaining satellites with Tao's help.

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