Ashleen was a half-werewolf. Her father was Muzaka, the Lord of werewolves, and her mother was a human. It is said that she was killed by a human[1] which caused Muzaka to go into a rage and so he went on a rampage to kill all humans before being stopped by Raizel.  


She was a young girl with reddish-brown locks and blue eyes, bearing little resemblance to her father and following moreso after her mother.


Ashleen was originally raised by her mother but after she was killed in a war, Muzaka started to take care of her. While journeying with him, Ashleen continued to witness one horror of war after another. She was not aware that he was her father and merely thought of him as a family friend, calling him Uncle.


Ashleen was very lively, energetic and talkative. She was also empathetic, desiring to become strong so that she could make sure other children would not have to suffer due to the various wars like she had. Muzaka declined to teach Ashleen because that was not what her deceased mother wanted. He thought that due to her altruistic personality she would help people so much that it would become a burden to her

Ashleen develops an instant crush upon meeting Raizel.

Plot Overview

Muzaka 327

Muzaka remembers Ashleen.

Ashleen first appears in Muzaka's memory when Dr. Crombel mentions her death to control the rampaging werewolf[2].

Memories of her death still haunt Muzaka and is mentioned to Raizel as the reason why he goes on rampages[3].

She first appears in volume 8 as fragmented memories while Muzaka is fighting Garda[4].
In Raizel's flashback, Muzaka is shown carrying Ashleen and having fun with her. He talks with Raizel while she sleeps around a campfire, and later Ashleen thanks him for being friends with Muzaka. The last scene is of Raizel stopping Muzaka from going on a rampage where it is revealed that Ashleen is his daughter[5].
Later, while Muzaka is fighting Maduke, the latter reveals that not only was Ashleen killed by the combined plotting of the werewolves, humans, and traitor nobles who started all the wars among the humans, but also that Erin was 'created' by the humans[6]. No clarification about Erin is given. Muzaka has another flashback where Ashleen asks him about her mother and he says that she was like her while keeping his status as her father a secret. The two are shown together in several scenes as they travel, and he is shown screaming with her dead body in his arms[7].
After Muzaka visits Raizel at school and spends time with the children, he says that he always wanted Ashleen to be able to live like them[8]. In the ensuing flashback she visits Raizel's home and is shown talking to Frankenstein. Here it is shown that Muzaka tells Raizel she is his daughter which is contradictory to the previous flashback where he only finds out in their battle 820 years ago[9].
When Raizel enters Muzaka's subconscious while he is is heavily injured, he comes across Muzaka spending time with Ashleen. Although he is aware that she's just a figment of his imagination he teaches her how to fish and treats her like a real person. When he is leaving with Raizel, she calls him 'Dad' and thanks him for everything he did for her, saying she knew that he was her father all along because of how he looked at her[10]. As this is simply his imagination it is unknown if this reflected reality.

Spin-offs & Other Media

Ashleen does not feature in Rai's Adventure.

Ashleen does not feature in Noblesse S.

It starts off with Muzaka having flashbacks of Ashleen's different expressions while he fights Raizel. Then the OVA returns to when she's alive. She's travelling with Muzaka and living happily aside from when they come across signs of war. While she's spearfishing (in which she gets quite large fishes), Muzaka returns and she complains about his sudden departure. Upon seeing Raizel, she immediately has a crush on him and treats him politely compared to her much more casual treatment of Muzaka.
She cooks the fish for dinner while Muzaka talks to Raizel about how he wants to find a safe village for her to live in and have the life her mother wanted for her, how her mother was killed in the war, and how he could only save her (with her appearance suggesting she was much younger than her her current age at the time.
When Muzaka wakes Ashleen up in the middle of the night to tell her to pack up since they're moving, she complains to herself as she does. She's shown to be upset about having to constantly travel and that she was 'just getting used to this place'. Meanwhile Muzaka talks about how she'll not like being away from people and her dream of making sure other children don't lose their parents in wars. He refused her request to train her how to fight because he says she'll be swept up in her emotions and that she isn't as mentally strong as she appears to be.
Ashleen is alone in the fog spear fishing again and she complains, wondering where Muzaka went to hunt. The soldiers are surprised to see her but attack anyway when ordered to by the werewolf. She takes down the human soldiers by using her spear, a sword, and a long stick, then gets on one of the horses to escape, being shot at with a crossbow by the werewolf. When Muzaka finds her he's relieved to see her on the horse but then he sees the arrow going through her heart. Her body falls off when the horse turns and Muzaka clutches her close to him. He then leaves her on the ground, telling Raizel to look after her body and that he will bury her himself later. Raizel looks to her before going after him.
Muzaka reveals to Raizel as they fight that Ashleen is his daughter. Her body is seen one last time when Raizel's power radiates throughout the land.

Ashleen does not feature in the Awakening OVA.

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  • Cadis Etrama Di Raizel: Muzaka brought him to introduce her to him. She developed a crush on him instantly due to his looks.

  • Muzaka: Her relationship with her father was close as he took care of and traveled with her. Also, he reacted with intense grief and rage at her death, considering her to be the most important part of his life[11]. She'd often joke and make fun of him but Ashleen never knew that he was her father.


  • Frankenstein: A flashback shows that the two have met before, though further details are not known[12].

Powers & Abilities

Although she appeared to be of the typical fragility one would expect of a human girl, Ashleen managed to take down 4-5 adult human soldiers by herself[13].



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