Bashum (Kor. 바슘) is a werewolf, who was a subordinate of Maduke.




Plot Overview

Volume 8

Kei and Raskreia land next to Rai. Raskreia asks why he's in the werewolves' territory before retracting her question, stating he must have a good reason for being there. Bashum and Gaura unaware of the identities of the Nobles before them, make insulting comments before being reprimanded by Zaiga. Zaiga tells them to watch their words, since even though they're enemies, they're not people, they should take lightly. Zaiga then proceeds to welcome the Lord of the Nobles and the Noblesse, introducing himself as a werewolf warrior named Zaiga and apologising for his rude behaviour earlier. Bashum and Gaura are shocked to learn of the identities of the Nobles. Zaiga asks why they've come to their territory. Raskreia tells Rai they can't talk given the current circumstances and asks him to go on ahead, while she handles matters here. Bashum and Gaura object to this, stating no matter who they are, they're not going to let them act however they please. Zaiga orders the two of them to step aside and let Rai through. He thinks that it'd be easier to take them on separately than altogether. Raskreia asks Rai why he isn't leaving. Rai looks at her, before taking off, to resume his journey. Zaiga asks Raskreia why she's come to their territory, since there's no telling what will happen to her, now she's here. Raskreia wonders if it's appropriate for a warrior to say such a thing after invading Lukedonia. Zaiga realises that she's come for revenge after they invaded Lukedonia, and states that there's a difference between a few warriors invading Lukedonia and the Lord coming in person to invade the werewolves' territory. He tells her that it was foolish for her to invade their land, even with all of her clan leaders, when they are at their strongest, and that their deaths will mark the beginning of the disappearance of the Noble race. Raskreia asks if he's done talking adding that he's mistaken, since she's not come with all her clan leaders, the only ones who came were her and two clan leaders. Zaiga is taken aback, and finds it amusing that only three of them came to invade the werewolves' territory. Raskreia tells him the reason they've come is not to fight their people, but to show them who they messed with, and make them pay for the death of Rajak Kertia, the leader of the Kertia clan who was loyal to her for and the Nobles for such a long time. Zaiga is shocked and asks if she's really here to dispute the death of one clan leader. Raskreia states he can think whatever he likes, but she has to make sure Rajak's eternal sleep isn't too lonely. Zaiga wonders if the Lord of the Nobles has gone insane and asks what the three of them will be able to accomplish on their own. Raskreia tells him that the three of them are more than capable of avenging Rajak. Zaiga thinks she's crazy and wonders where the remaining clan leader is. Rozaria has summoned her soul weapon and is reciting a spell to gather energy for her ultimate attack. After gathering enough energy an eye opens in the sky above Maduke's castle. She unleashes the power of her attack on the castle below, with the shock wave being felt at Raskreia's location. Zaiga chides her for daring to attack the Lord's castle. Raskreia replies he's in big trouble if he thinks, this is over, since destroying the castle alone isn't going to be enough to comfort the Kertia clan leader in his eternal sleep.
Bashum and Gaura are shocked to see their Lord's castle under attack. Zaiga presumes that the attack was made by the leader of the Elenor Clan and asks Gaura to find her and kill her as painfully as possible. Gaura obliges and heads off. As Zaiga faces Kei, Bashum is impressed by Kei's strength against Zaiga who once challenged Maduke and Muzaka for the title of Lord of their people.
Bashum watches the battle between Kei Ru and Zaiga and thinks Kei is terrifying, and he didn't think he'd be able to hold out this long against Zaiga. He wonders if all the Noble Clan Leaders are this strong. Bashum watching the fight, thinks that Zaiga is ready to finish Kei and wonders if he should leave everything to Zaiga like this. He notices Raskreia watching the battle, and thinks he might be able to get rid of her while she's distracted. Bashum thinks if he were to eliminate the Lord of the Nobles, his position among his race would get higher and even Zaiga might acknowledge him. He decides to deal with the Lord of the Nobles by himself and moves to attack Raskreia. Kei is momentarily distracted by Bashum's attack and turns away from his battle, a chance which Zaiga takes advantage of. Bashum is about to attack when Raskreia turns to face him, she uses he Mind Control to slow him down and slashes him with her soul weapon. Bashum falls to his knees screaming in pain.
Bashum watches Muzaka and Zaiga fighting and is worried to see Zaiga being pushed back. After Muzaka slashes Zaiga to pieces, Bashum is left stunned.


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On the process of writing the summary

On the process of writing the summary

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Powers & Abilities


489 54 Bashum Transforms Into Combat Mode

Physical Prowess



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