The Blood Field (블러드 필드) is a unique technique used by the Nobles who have the ability to govern blood.


With just a wave of their hand, the user transmutes the surrounding air into blood. By doing such a thing, the blood covers the targeted area and manifests itself into a powerful cyclone. The technique erases all traces of the victim's existence. If the user has enough strength, the blood field can even distort space and time itself. Thus, the technique has been regarded as a highly dangerous ability that has been known to shake the earth and sky violently; however, the user has to have full control over the technique. The full power of technique is immense and the barrier erected by Ludis Mergas that was enhanced by Rozaria, was easily destroyed by it. However, the blood field is formidable not only because of its destructive power, but inside it, the caster's power is exerted upon every creature with blood.


In addition, Rai can create up to at least 10 blood cyclones simultaneously after entering his Blood Demon form while maintaining his two blood wings.

Method of Creation

The methods to create a Blood Field varies for all users. While Rai creates Blood Fields using his life force, the Lord manipulates the aura energy of Ragnarok to create them. The strength of the technique can vary based on the users concentration and other conditions.

Known Practitioners

Rai, who has the title of True Noblesse, has shown better control at the technique than the Lord.

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