The Blood Phoenix is a technique used exclusively by the Noblesse.


The Blood Phoenix is an extension of the Blood Demon technique. Rai envelopes himself within a giant phoenix made of blood, whose eyes radiate aura energy. The phoenix then charges with its head toward its target at an incredible speed, causing explosion so great that it can be seen from outer space. Upon impact, the victim's body vaporizes into millions of blood crystals.

It has been hinted that the phoenix is the Noblesse's symbol, and is the mightiest of all the beasts Nobles can summon. The Blood Phoenix is the technique Rai uses to finish off traitor clan leaders, and acts as a counter to their Summoning Technique.

Used Battles


  • Blood Phoenix is Rai's ultimate attack in which he takes the form of a legendary creature like Urokai's Hydra and Roctis' Leviathan.
  • In legends, phoenix is associated with royalty and nobility which reflects nature of the Noblesse.
  • Some readers have suggested that Rai may exhaust his powers and die but revive, seeing as the Phoenix is known for dying and being reborn in fire. This may suggest a really tragic, sad ending for the manhwa as Rai sacrificed himself to protect his beloved ones and he comes back to life, completely unrelated to all of them, having lost his memories. This theory could also explain how the position of Noblesse is passed on.
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