Bonerre (Kor. 보네르) was a modified human and a member of Union, working under Dr. Crombel, as a member of the Assassination Squad. He worked as a spy for Dr. Crombel under Rostere.


He is tall, well-built and has a square jaw to mark his firm character. He has blond beard and hair with the upper portion tinged greyish. He has a cut on the left side of his face which stretches from his forehead, over his eye and down to cheek.


Bonerre always puts up a formal demeanor. His serious and grave attitude is the exact opposite to Yuri 's ever cheerful expression. He does not talk much and has a straightforward way of speaking which is shown during his conversation with Yuri at his first appearance.


Bonerre was 'outwardly' in the service of the 10th Elder. However, his discussion with Yuri proves that he actually served Dr. Crombel. He was killed easily by Frankenstein.

Plot Overview

Volume 5

Decision Arc

The 10th & 11th Elders Arc
Bonerre appears when the two elders: 10th and 11th, arrive in the city to investigate the 12th Elder's death and call for an audience with Lukedonian nobles.
He comes as a subordinate of Rostere, the 10th Elder, but operates with Yuri secretly. He accompanies Yuri to catch Tao and Takeo when they enter the old safehouse to plant false evidences against Crombel. They tie up the duo and Bonerre leaves to serve the Elders. He stands and spectates while both elders are annihilated by Rai and Frankenstein.
Tao & Takeo Arc
Later, Bonerre is forced by Frankenstein to guide him and Seira to where he has chained Tao and Takeo. He leads them there but before they could rescue the duo, he causes a close-range explosion to wound the captives mortally - an attempt which succeeds but is repaid with the Dark Spear impaling him to death.


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Powers & Abilities

Aura Manipulation

He has shown to have powers similar to Yuri. He can manipulate his aura, spiritual energy, to cause destructive blasts. He can shoot spheres of aura out of his hands and also cause massive explosions by crushing energy spheres in his hands. His main fighting style seems to utilize his energy spheres to create explosions that distract and/or obscure his opponent's vision and then he uses close combat to critically damage or kill.


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