Cadis Etrama Di Raizel (Kor. 카디스 에트라마 디 라이제르), or simply Raizel, is the titular protagonist of the Noblesse Manhwa series.[1] He is a Noble from Lukedonia who holds the special title of Noblesse, which distinguishes him from all other Nobles as their hidden protector, their judge, and if necessary, executioner. He is Frankenstein's Master and currently attends Ye Ran High School in order to learn more about the modern human world.


Rai has been noted as an extremely handsome and elegant individual by Nobles and humans alike. He has scarlet-red eyes (a common trait among Pure-blood Nobles) and jet black hair. He is usually seen wearing the Ye Ran High School uniform. He has a silver cross earring on his left ear which is later revealed to be a gift from the previous Lord that seals his powers.[2] Raizel also wears an outfit that bears a strong resemblance to his uniform (albeit without the emblem). Raizel has been shown to wear similar attire to the high ranking Nobles like the Clan Leaders in Lukedonia but with some minor differences. Raizel has an unemotional, regal demeanour, and he inspires awe and respect from both his friends and foes. This relates to his enormous reserve of raw power, which is both a blessing and a burden for Raizel. The duty of bearing the responsibility of such power is what causes him to act in a reclusive and seemingly apathetic manner. However, his composure is sometimes broken by his perplexity and ineptitude when it comes to understanding and utilizing the technology found in modern times, even when he is truly distressed, Raizel maintains the same dutiful, stoic countenance (as observed by those around him).

However, as the series progresses we learn that Frankenstein, the Lord, Takeo, Tao, and M-21 have all discovered that Rai has subtle changes in his facial expression indicating he is experiencing intense emotion. Through conversations we also find out that Gejutel, Muzaka (his only true friend and the former Leader of the Werewolves), as well as the previous Lord shared the ability to sense Rai on an enhanced level. It seems plausible those whom Rai has awakened share a closer affinity with him on both a spiritual and emotional level. The advanced perceptions based on their sincere and genuine admiration for Rai plus the skills and abilities of extremely advanced "Pureblood" Nobles (like the Lord and Gejutel) make their ability to detect even the most minute shifts in Rai's emotions logical. Also Rai's companions at school are able to detect his feelings, after hearing Regis and Seira are sick, they notice that Rai did not look well either. They often say Rai looks unwell (after a battle) but when Rai smiles at them, they believe he is fine.


Rai possesses little knowledge regarding the 21st century, and often tends to be lost and confused especially when interacting with modern-day technology such as cell phones and computers, to the point where he doesn't even know how to open a door at the beginning of the series. He serves as the Manhwa's comic relief due to his inability to use technology and his appetite for Ramen. Although he seems cold and apathetic on the outside, Rai has shown compassion towards human beings. Although it is not known whether this is due to actual compassion or out of pride (an explanation of the past pointed towards Noblesse and their interactions with primitive humans).

He shows great trust in Frankenstein, though will not hesitate to berate Frankenstein for misinterpreting/disobeying his orders. Rai has sealed Frankenstein's powers due to the latter's periodical misuse of his tremendous power, and has shown worry in Frankenstein's actions, when Frankenstein summons his Dark Spear.[3]

Rai also has a great sense of duty as he decides to remain "The Noblesse" whose life is even harder than that of the Lord.[4] According to Frankenstein, Rai was feared by all the Nobles in Lukedonia and chose to spend most of his life by himself at his mansion. He yearned for a normal life and seeing how M-21, Takeo and Tao wanted the same thing, he wants to protect them and make sure they have what he couldn't have. He is willing to forgive traitors who have attempted to take his life, but he will punish them for harming those he swore to protect (the nobles and the humans) and for breaking the balance of world.

Rai loves the company of the human children he meets at Ye Ran. In fact, he is first called 'Rai' by them.[5] He can never bear to see them injured. He is shown to be unwilling to enter a temporary slumber (after using his power) even for a short time because of his uncertainty as to when he will wake up and if he will get to meet the children again in the world he has come to know.

Rai has a profound love for eating Ramen Noodles[6] and Frankenstein strives to create the perfect Ramen for his Master.[7] Rai loathes his clothes getting dirty or messy[8] which can be easily perceived as he keeps them very tidy and clean.


The Nobles feared Rai as he held the right to destroy them at his will under his authority as The Noblesse. Many Nobles who brought imbalance to the world were executed by Rai. He became a pariah in his own race due to his duty and thus he lived a solitary existence until he met Frankenstein. His existence was mostly unknown even among the Nobles. He remained alone in his mansion and spent most of his time staring out of a window. His solitude was only broken either when the Clan Leaders visited him every few decades or when The Previous Lord managed to think up a good reason to invite him over to his palace. On one such visit through invitation, the previous lord gave him the earrings that he currently wears, which serve as a seal on his mighty power to preserve his life force. It is revealed by Frankenstein that Rai had only one friend, Muzaka, who used to visit him every once in a while.[9]

Plot Overview

Volume 1

Awakening in a New World Arc

New World
In an abandoned apartment building, Rai awakens from his 820 year slumber from a casket. He looks around the unfamiliar room and uses telekinesis to open the curtains and the window. He steps out onto the balcony and looks at the street below, which is filled with high school students. In order to blend in, he morphs his clothes into the uniform worn by Ye Ran High School students. When he walks down the street, his good looks and elegance catch the attention of various passers by. As he crosses the street, a student of Ye Ran rushes past him, telling him to hurry up or else he will be late. Intrigued, he decides to follow the student to where he is headed and finds himself at a school where a teacher is punishing the students who arrived late.
Rai walks in at his own pace which baffles the teacher who proceeds to question him but is further confused when he cannot understand Rai's language, which prompts Rai to only answer by nodding to his queries. The student from before whose name is revealed to be Han Shinwoo suggests to the teacher that he might be a new transfer student who probably doesn't know how to speak Korean. The teacher instructs Shinwoo to take Rai to the Principal's office. Rai follows the student to the office where he meets the "Principal/Director"(Kor: 이사장), who turns out to be his loyal servant Frankenstein. Frankenstein is surprised to meet his Master after 820 years of absence and they engage in a short conversation. After that, Rai decides to attend the school to learn about the changes in the modern world.
Rai is next seen in a classroom being introduced to other students by Mr. Park. He speaks out in Korean for the first time, saying his name (while the female students blush profusely). As it's a really long name, he gives everyone the freedom to call him anything they wish. With the introduction made, Rai is instructed to sit next to Shinwoo and so begins Rai's school life. Rai, new to the technological advances in this world, becomes quite interested in Ik-Han's computer skills and regularly observes him. As Rai doesn't have any money to buy lunch, Shinwoo treats him to Ramen noodles. At first Rai mistakes the chopsticks for a wooden stake and the garlic in the Kimchi as poison, but after trying it, he finds it delicious and he quickly develops a special attachment with the food.
The Tracer
As they walk home, Yuna is attacked by a deranged man with red eyes. Shinwoo arrives in time to rescue her. Rai observes the strange guy but leaves as he is pulled away by Shinwoo. Later on when it's time to head home, Rai not knowing where he lives, remembers Frankenstein's words on what to do if he runs into any trouble, he pulls out a photograph of Frankenstein and hands it to the students, there is a phone number on the reverse along with the words 'Please help, I'm lost'. Rai is taken to Frankenstein's home where he resides from then on. After the children leave, Frankenstein and Rai discuss the person who attacked Yuna. Rai claims that the being was something that should not exist, thus worrying Frankenstein.
The following day, Shinwoo and friends decide to go to a PC room and take Rai with them. There Rai loses horribly at online video games, despite Ik-Han's guidance and playing against Yuna who is also a beginner, Rai is left in a shocked state at the losses. At home, he shares his death defining experience with Frankenstein at a "Speed PC Room" where the children killed him ruthlessly. Later on even though Frankenstein tries to aid Rai in becoming an expert at online computer gaming in several ways, Rai remains an obstinate failure at it.
In the following days the infected man from earlier makes several attempts to find Shinwoo for revenge. When Rai and Frankenstein discuss it among themselves, the latter assures him it is impossible for the other side to deduce their identities. Rai decides that he will not remain still if the children come to any harm.
The Kidnap
Yuna is kidnapped by M-21 and M-24, to bait Shinwoo into a fight with the infected. Shinwoo takes the bait and the children get involved in battling the infected. Rai, with his faithful servant Frankenstein, head towards the site in order to rescue the children. They avoid facing the children and call M-21 and M-24 into another room, by getting Frankenstein to release his aura. There M-24 attacks Rai while M-21 takes on Frankenstein. Rai blocks M-24's punch with the palm of his hand and shows his own power for the first time. With him uttering the word Kneel, his opponent falls on his knees. M-24's body obeys the command of Rai and it renders both M-21 and M-24 unbelievably surprised. Rai suddenly decides to leave and Frankenstein follows his Master after warning the two to stay away from the children. Understanding the difference in power , the two decide to leave too. Then Rai is shocked at his dishevelled appearance.
As a result of Rai and Frankenstein's intervention M-24 calls off the infected and the infected does as ordered and leaves. When the children are alone, Rai and Frankenstein appear before them and ensure their safety. At home, the two of them discuss their encounter with those two beings. Frankenstein wonders about their identity. Rai shares that he could sense a feeling of not belonging anywhere from the two.
Things return to normal during the next few days and the children decide to pay Rai a visit. With Frankenstein away from home, Rai stands and stares at the door, as he hasn't learned to open it, and is unable to let the visitors in. After the children manage to get in, they set up a computer game. Rai having practised is feeling confident, however, Frankenstein comes home to find his Master engrossed in a dark silhouette of sadness as he has once again been killed ruthlessly by the children.

The Human World Arc

The Assassination Squad
The tranquillity doesn't last long and soon news of a mass murder at a hospital breaks out. Frankenstein suspects the guys from before are connected to the incident. Rai is assured by him that he'll be proceeding first to keep his students and the children safe from harm. Rai warns Frankenstein to be cautious before the latter sets off to investigate. While investigating, Frankenstein meets Jake and Mary, two modified humans from the Union, Rai is worried about his loyal servant and decides to go and look for him. However, he is halted by his inability to open the door, he tries his luck with the window but ends up breaking the handle off. This leaves him worried and wondering how he should explain the broken window to Frankenstein as Frankenstein has always cherished his belongings. Frankenstein returns home with information on the beings he has just encountered and thinks they are modified humans. Rai doesn't say anything, leaving Frankenstein to wonder if there is something wrong, he then notices the broken handle on the table and goes into shock, Rai seeing this gets up and comforts Frankenstein by patting him on the shoulder. Rai later explains that he now understands why he got a strange feeling from the two they previously encountered. It's because they are neither human nor beings of any other race. Later, we see Rai looking tense and feeling nervous as Frankenstein looks on, he is being given a test on how to open the door. Rai is finally able to pass the test and manages to open the door at which Frankenstein applauds, Rai is pleased that he has finally passed the test, and can now go outside with great confidence.
Modified Human
The children now frequently visit Rai, during one of these visits Shinwoo receives a mysterious phone call from Yuna's phone which was taken by M-21 and M-24, when they kidnapped her. This frightens the children, Frankenstein answers the call, and tells the children that someone found Yuna's phone and called Shinwoo because so many calls had been made to his number. The children are relieved and Frankenstein tells them he will retrieve Yuna's phone. The call in reality was from M-21 and M-24, who want to meet up with Rai and Frankenstein. At the meeting Frankenstein warns M-21 and M-24 against contacting the children again. A deal is made between them to cooperate for the time being. M-21 informs them that the children are in danger from Jake and Mary, in exchange Frankenstein gives them keys to a safe house if they need somewhere safe to stay. Frankenstein can't procure any information regarding Rai's casket from them and Rai senses that they're hiding something but he trusts his servant's decision to help M-21 and M-24. Heading home, Rai feels the cool breeze in the air and enjoys the view of the modern world and its people while his faithful servant watches. The coming days pass with more visits from the children, Rai losing miserably and suffering penalties such as being flicked on the forehead and slapped on the back.
A New Plan
After Jake and Mary capture the children, they are forced to call Rai. After receiving the call Rai and Frankenstein rush to the hideout where the children are being held. When they reach the old Union building, Rai is guided by M-21 to rescue the children while Frankenstein battles Mary. Meanwhile, M-24 goes against Jake in order to protect the children and buy them time to escape, but Jake proves to be too strong for him. Rai enters through the elevator shaft just in time to stop Jake from killing the children. The children, ignorant of Rai's powers, plead with Jake to let him go which makes Rai care for them even more. Rai telepathically orders Frankenstein to eliminate the enemy in front of him, which he does as soon as Rai removes the seal on his powers. All this time, Jake has been shouting insults at Rai, deeming him too scared to even look at him. At this, Rai commands him to Kneel which causes Jake to immediately drop to his knees. Rai then states that, this is the true eye level difference that should exist between them. Rai uses his powerful mind control several times to suppress Jake, who further transforms in an effort to break free of Rai's power to no avail and starts bleeding from overexertion. Rai puts the children to sleep to avoid questions later on and touches Jake's blood to create a Blood Field. It envelopes Jake and eliminates all trace of him. After the incident, Rai decides it would be best to erase the children's memories.

Union Arc

With M-24 dead, M-21 stays with Rai and Frankenstein who are thankful to him and his comrade for trying to protect the children. They go to meet the children at the hospital and find them quite normal with their memories of the incident having been erased. Then Rai and Frankenstein decide to pay a visit to the local branch of the Union where Dr. Crombel is supposed to be according to M-21. So, the three of them set out to the place which, unbeknownst to them, has already been cleared out and the scientists massacred under Crombel's orders.
As they head deeper into the base, they sense something is wrong and find out what has happened from a dying Lt. Simon. Rai and M-21 head toward the lab while Frankenstein leaves to find Crombel with Rai's permission. Delving further, they meet the infected who taunts M-21 and engages him in battle. The infected gains the upper hand and keeps on belittling M-21 and even mocking Rai. Rai saves M-21 from a fatal attack and is about to destroy the infected until the feeling of inferiority coming from M-21 makes him cease. Then Rai tells M-21 not to underestimate his origin and takes his blood to awaken his powers. M-21 transforms to a much more advanced degree, and finishes off the infected effortlessly. Frankenstein who had a clash with Crombel, ending with the latter retreating, comes to meet his Master and a bewildered M-21 who didn't know that Rai has already placed a degree of trust in him and permits his residing with them.
With everything back to normal, Shinwoo calls Rai to come over and visit them in the hospital. Frankenstein and M-21 arrive at the hospital 5 hours later to find that Rai had just arrived 10 minutes before them. Leading them to the conclusion that he had gotten lost. Later, Frankenstein finds Rai on the roof of a building. Rai states that the world has changed a lot. He adds that the children have something he doesn't have and that if he had it, he would never get lost and all he would have to do is make a call. Frankenstein promises Rai that he will buy him the latest cell phone. With everything settled the volume ends with the children in school and their shock at Rai's new cellphone.

Volume 2

Visitors Arc

New Student
Rai's lifestyle now includes waking up with Frankenstein's gourmet dishes; spending a lot of time choosing attire form a wide collection of seemingly identical garments and then going to his favorite place ~ Ye Ran High School. He now sports a new hair cut as well as a new and the latest smart phone. Excited with Rai's new gadget, the children give him their cell phone numbers and Ikhan helps him get acquainted with its attributes. Rai is taught how to send sms and call. Eager to try out his recently learned skills, Rai texts Frankenstein (who's been busy with paperwork) and M-21 (who's joined as Ye Ran special security): Good job~, Good job~. That day, Rai meets a celebrity student and good friend of the children who has been away up till this point Im Suyi. Later, she also joins the children to visit Rai at Frankenstein's home and every time she sees Rai, she can't stop blushing.
The next day, two new students Regis and Seira show up at school; later revealed to be Nobles who have come to investigate. They use mind control on Frankenstein (who pretends to be under control) and get transferred to the same class as Rai. Both of them feel an immense amount of elegance from Rai. They use mind control on Frankenstein again to settle in his house where they find Rai and the children as well as M-21. Rai's manners, etiquette and even name leave them wondering how any human could be so perfectly elegant.
At night, Rai, Frankenstein and M-21 follow Regis and Seira who are investigating the hospital incident. M-21's inquiry confirms that Regis and Seira are nobles and he further guesses that Rai and Frankenstein are noblesse too. Frankenstein corrects him saying that the title 'Noblesse' is only used in case of one single being, hinting towards Rai.
The following few days, Rai and Frankenstein are audience to the constant bickering between Regis and M-21.

DA-5 Arc

The DA-5 is assigned to investigate the incident in Korea; they arrive and set up a base. From there, they look for the only living clue: M-21. Shark, Hammer and Krantz find him and take him with them back to their base. Regis informs Rai and Frankenstein that M-21 has left with his organization buddies. This worries Rai and Frankenstein about M-21's decision, but both of them believe he must have a good reason for it. Frankenstein checks on the situation of M-21 and reports to Rai that he hasn't been doing so well. Rai decides to wait a little longer before taking any action.
One evening while Rai is enjoying tea and Seira's homemade delicacies, Seira who has a mental connection with Regis, feels its disconnection and explains to Rai and Frankenstein that Regis is either unconscious or dead. This worries Rai as the children who were with Regis, might have been gotten involved in the incident. So, Rai and Frankenstein set off to search the children after Seira goes out to follow Regis' trail. What actually happened was Shark and Hammer kidnapped Regis and the children and obtained permission from Krantz to eliminate them all. In the DA-5 base, M-21 and Regis try their best to protect the children and as a result both end up seriously injured.
Tao's sensors detect an intruder and estimate 15 to 20 min for arrival. But the intruder arrives within moments; shocking everyone with his amazing speed - Rai enters the scene. Seeing the overall situation, Rai uses mind control on Krantz, Shark and Tao; not permitting them to move. Shark's further insolence provokes Rai add on to his command and say: Neither did I give you permission to breathe. At this point, Krantz breaks out from hold of Rai's mind control and takes D then he transforms. He also absorbs the life force of his partner Shark. As he grabs Tao to take his power too, the children plead to Rai to save him as he's been good to them. Rai orders Krantz to Halt and tells the children that they need not request him; he'll do anything for them. Then Rai uses Blood Field to erase Krantz. Regis, who's been watching, acknowledges that the power Rai has show is the power to control blood and solely belongs to one race and in specific the lord of the aforementioned race.
Then Rai directs his attention to M-21, who seems to be inches from death but hears Rai's voice saying: Open your eyes. Despite fatal injuries, M-21 is revitalized as others are filled with awe. After the injured are returned home, Rai and Frankenstein hang back, and the latter notices that Rai is wiping trace of blood from from his face.
After they arrive home and everyone heals, Frankenstein explains to the children that they had gone through this experience once before but their mind has been erased. The process will be repeated once again to which the children protest as they don't want to forget the ones who risked their lives to protect them and especially Rai who has saved all of them. Rai speaks up and says that they hadn't protected them to be remembered but did so because they had wanted to. In conclusion, the children have their memories altered once again and the Frankenstein household acquires with two new members: Tao and Takeo.

Dr. Aris Arc

After the household finds out about the arrival of Aris and probable kidnapping of Frankenstein, Rai sends an SMS to Frankenstein saying "~ Ramen". Receiving no answer, Rai decides to look for his servant and is accompanied by M-21 and Takeo.
A sudden explosion gives away the place where Frankenstein is battling Aris and Yuri. Upon arrival, Rai and M-21 stay back while Takeo goes ahead to stop Frankenstein from killing Aris, whom he understands to be his sister Teira. Afterwards, it is revealed that 'Teira' was actually Aris pretending and her desperate consumption of a modified D from Takeo leads to her sudden collapse. Following this, Yuri gets away with her unconscious body.
Then Frankenstein turns to meet his Master who, being worried about his servant, has come around personally to see what's going on. They set off for home. At the balcony, Rai stands alone with Frankenstein. Frankenstein apologizes but Rai thinks that Frankenstein must have gone there to obtain something and is worried that Frankenstein might want to go back to his old ways. Rai tells him that he likes the Frankenstein who spends time with the children and their current lifestyle.

Volume 3

Noble Arc

Gejutel K. Landegre
Rai attends his first blind date arranged by Shinwoo and Ikhan with the beautiful girls from Sae Ha Girl's High School. As he enters, his breathtaking elegance stuns all the girls. After the shortest possible introduction, Rai leaves with Regis as it is dinner time.
Ye Ran is visited by a Noble by the name of Gejutel K. Landegre who is later revealed to be Regis' grandfather and the Landegre Clan's Leader. Regis and Seira bring him home where to his surprise, he meets Frankenstein and Rai. Gejutel pays his earnest respect to Rai.
A long conversation follows as Gejutel shares with Rai the tidings of 820 years. After Rai had gone to hibernation, things changed in the noble world the most shocking of which was that 500 years ago The Lord entered his eternal sleep. Rai further learns from Gejutel that the Lord yearned to see him before passing away. After his death, his daughter succeeded the throne and several revolts have taken place, one of which was carried out by traitor clan leaders. Several attacks led to the demise of the Loyard clan with the exception of Seira. The tidings being delivered, Gejutel discloses that he has come to check the report of Seira and Regis regarding the presence of nobles. Rai's wish to stay among humans rather than going back to the land of nobles leaves Gejutel with the choice of hiding their presence from the current Lord or betraying the Noblesse he respects. So, Gejutel takes his leave and before going, assures Seira and Regis that they can trust Rai.
Dark Spear
Soon after the departure of Gejutel, another noble appears in the area - Rael Kertia, the dissident Noble has come under the present Lord's order to take back Seira for questioning. As he has been causing unnecessary commotions, Rai sends Frankenstein to 'greet the visitor courteously'. Frankenstein duels Rael summoning his Dark Spear. After Rael reveals the Lord's seal, Seira obediently goes with him. However, the meeting between him and Frankenstein has brought about havoc too large to cover up and Rai finally decides that it's time to pay a visit to the land of Nobles, Lukedonia.

Lukedonia Arc

Rai, Frankenstein and Regis board Frankenstein's private jet setting off to Lukedonia without knowing that the trio (M-21, Takeo and Tao) have secretly followed them. Reaching the skies of Lukedonia, they jump down while the plane crash-lands with the trio still aboard.
Rai heads towards his mansion with Frankenstein and Regis as he has to get something before going to visit the current Lord. They reach the area the mansion is in and learn from Regis that the entire region surrounding it was made a Forbidden Region by the previous lord. As the true landlord has returned, Rai and Frankenstein enter the mansion. Rai gets a box which contains a shining silver cross. He moves his hand over it and recalls the time when it was given to him by the previous Lord. There were two silver crosses which were his 'birthday' gifts. He was also offered to become the next Lord to which he had declined.
Rai shares with Frankenstein that he has realized returning home after all these years is not giving him comfort but is rather casting a chilly atmosphere. Suddenly they are joined by Regis and the trio, who explain that they've been helping out Regis get rid of Central Order members from the grounds. Rai permits them to stay.
He walks away with Frankenstein to a temple which happens to be his original hibernating place. He assures his follower that he won't go to hibernation but has come to check on something which might answer why the previous lord made his mansion grounds forbidden. Rai opens the door of the temple and finds in it Ragnarok, the soul weapon of the Lord. Rai then recalls that way back, the previous Lord had wished to present him the magnificent sword, if not for using, just to keep as a piece of decoration! But Rai had declined the offer that time. However, he had been warned that the previous Lord also had his own machination. Now Rai understands what his plan was, hiding it inside his own shrine after he had gone to hibernate in hiding. As there is no other options, Rai decides to keep the sword for the time being. Surprising him furthermore, an imprint of the previous lord's image appears. The image explains that it’s glad to see Rai even if only through a message. He is disappointed that Rai hasn't visited his grave first but is happy to see him safe. Rai becomes somewhat emotional but leaves after the imprint disappears.
When Rai and Frankenstein come back to the living room, they learn from the trio who had overheard a rumor from the Central Order guards that Gejutel and Seira are in trouble. Indeed, elsewhere in the palace, Gejutel is suspected of treachery and sentenced to forced eternal sleep. Regis shoots off to help his grandfather while the trio joins him. Rai decides to go and pay tribute at the previous Lord's shrine and leaves with Frankenstein.
Rai and Frankenstein follow Regis' trail and find the trio under the attack of Rael who is shortly joined by his elder brother and the Kertia Clan leader, Rajak. Frankenstein stays back to handle them as Rai goes on ahead.

Identity Arc

The True Meaning
Gejutel has been brought to the previous Lord's shrine where his execution will take place. Before his impending eternal sleep, he chides the current lord about her decision to send Rajak and Karias out to capture Rai, the one whom the previous lord wished to have as successor, as they would have to overcome his follower first which is impossible. He further tells her that it was her inadequacy that made the other clan leaders betray her and she is not fit to be a lord. This enrages her and she summons her soul weapon to carry out Gejutel's execution. But she is stopped by a blast forcing the door open and Rai walks in. As the clan leaders try to stop Rai they are subjugated under his mind control, Gejutel proceeds to explain the hierarchy system for Nobles. The Nobles have great respect for two authoritarian figures, one is the Lord who symbolizes authority and another is a mysterious figure, who symbolizes power and exists only as knowledge to the Lord and the Clan Leaders. The mysterious figure is Cadis Etrama Di Raizel, THE NOBLESSE, the being with strength above all others, who wields it to protect the Nobles.
Despite hearing the revelation of Rai's identity from Gejutel, Raskreia, the current Lord of Nobles challenges Rai to a duel. She summons her soul weapon and asks Rai to bring out his soul weapon too. Rai obliges and removes the earring that seals his soul weapon that has no material form; his very own noble blood and soul. Raskreia makes the first move wielding her sword to create a blood field directing it to Rai. However, Rai emerges from it unscathed and creates a blood field with his own power outmatching his opponent. He gives her a chance to try harder and she strikes again and again with increasingly powerful blood fields. But Rai faces and diminishes each one of them.
Rai orders Ludis to shield the palace and shrine so that their Lord can fight without holding back. After a barrier had been erected, Rai and Raskreia let out their power and clash as the Clan Leaders fall silent and simply spectate. When the shield is on the verge of breaking, Frankenstein arrives, urging his Master to stop. However, Rai smiles and turns to Raskreia advising her to be one with her soul weapon and truly believe that she is the Lord of Nobles to bring out her true powers. This time Raskreia summons all of her power and makes one last blood field, the intensity of which shatters the barrier. Rai evades it and congratulates her on having produced such a powerful attack even with an incomplete Ragnarok. Saying this, Rai conjures the original Ragnarok her father had left him and presents it to her.
The duel ceases and Raskreia asks Rai how he has obtained the genuine sword. Frankenstein comes forward to answer her questions relating to how her father had "dumped" it into his Master's shrine. But Raskreia finds it hard to believe that Rai had no knowledge of Ragnarok being inside his own house. Rai says in a convincing air that he had no idea. Frankenstein further narrates the chain of events regarding both his Master and himself. He makes it clear that Rai had been asleep for 820 years and has only decided to come to Lukedonia now on Gejutel's account, hence it's impossible for him to be related with the traitors' uprising. She then asks Rai why he is giving the sword to her if her father bestowed it to him. Rai replies that it's hers to begin with and he has never wanted it. With the misunderstanding cleared, Raskreia is left with only one question (~ why did her father leave the sword at Rai's place if he never wanted it?). Rai as well has come to the previous lord's shrine to look for the answer to the very same question.
At this time, another imprint bearing a message of the previous lord shows up. He explains that he had wanted the nobles to acclimatize themselves to the coming changes in the world, so he and some of the previous clan leaders decided to enter eternal sleep to give the younger generation a chance to lead the nobles. The previous Lord had left Ragnarok in Rai's shrine so that he could be the next Lord, because he wanted his daughter to embrace freedom and desired for Rai to escape the fate of the True Noblesse which is even harder than that of the Lord. Fully knowing Rai's character, he knew that Rai would choose his responsibilities rather than freedom. So he tells Rai to take his time before reaching him in the eternal sleep, asking him to protect his daughter and new generations of Nobles. After the message ends, the current Lord asks Rai if he wants to become the Lord as her father had wished, but he declines saying: "I am the Noblesse. This is what I must be."
To Home
Rai leaves the palace and returns to his mansion while Frankenstein follows deeming that his Master is unwell after releasing so much power. Rai admits that he requires rest but is still not willing to go into hibernation. Back at his place, he enjoys tea with his followers when all of a sudden; Union soldiers enter the room. The clash between Rai and the current lord rendered Lukedonia visible via satellite for a few moments in which the Union fleet at watch near its borders began an invasion. The men are the survivors who have entered Rai's mansion to lose their central order pursuers. Frankenstein takes care of them effortlessly and they're sent away with the central order.
Later, Rai is visited by Raskreia and they sit to dine. The delicacy served is Rai's favorite ~ Ramen. Raskreia learns how to use chopsticks and eat it. In the meantime, she asks Rai if he will stay in Lukedonia. Rai replies that he will return home. The Lord, now quite astonished that he has called the human country his home, asks if it really means so much to him. With an amiable smile on his face, Rai affirms that place is home to him. So ends Rai's visit to Lukedonia and it's back to school once more.

Volume 4


Rai visits Suyi's photo shoot accompanied by Regis, Seira and the children. The moment he walks in, all eyes are fixated on his elegant appearance. Even the cruel, cold-hearted supermodel, Young-In Sunbae can't take her eyes off his charismatic looks.
The huge crater created from the fight between Rael and Frankenstein in the human world draws a lot of attention from both The Union and KSA. The KSA agents join Ye-Ran to check on possible recruit candidates and get involved with the RK team. Both sides come to an understanding amongst each other without Rai or Frankenstein's intervention.

Cerberus Arc

Rai, all the while during the RK's fight against Cerberus, has been displaying symptoms that his health is deteriorating. Frankenstein is resolved to keep Rai away from situations involving him having to fight as Rai's body can't take it. Rai learns that the trio has gone off to face Cerberus and despite Frankenstein's words, Rai wants to do what they have been doing, protect the lives they have built here. As Rai and Frankenstein rush towards the battle zone, the latter is resolved to keep his Master from using powers at any cost.

The 12th Elder Arc

Frankenstein vs. the 12th Elder
Rai senses a familiar aura and recognizes it to be that of Roctis' coming from the 12th Elder who has just arrived with Taze. It appears that Roctis, one of the traitor clan leaders has joined The Union and formed a contract with the 12th Elder. Wasting no time, Frankenstein and The Elder attack one another after the entirety of Cerberus is wiped out. Frankenstein uses his dark spear and proves to have the upper hand. At one point, the elder takes Rai hostage planning his escape. He boasts of destroying the KSA and states that it's reasonable for opposing an elder like him.
Rai gets angry at how taking innocent lives is supposed to be reasonable. Rai uses a Blood Field and asks the elder "who gave you the right to take another's life?" The Elder realizes that Rai is far stronger than Roctis and desperately attacks Rai with an energy beam. Rai states that the elder has forfeited his right to existence and uses the cyclone of blood to destroy the Elder, as everyone else watches. Rai faces away from the spectators as blood trickles from his mouth, alarming Frankenstein who immediately rushes to his Master's side. Rai tells him not to make a scene and Frankenstein agrees as there are too many people present. Rai says he will see him back at the house and quickly takes his leave.
Normal Life
Back at the house, oblivious to the tense atmosphere, Tao praises Frankenstein's power and Rai's ability to kill an Elder so quickly. Regis then asks Frankenstein how he knew that Roctis was in the Union and had formed a contract with the 12th Elder. Frankenstein then explains that the Elder had modified his body to gain power before entering a contract with Roctis, and the fact that he was contracted to Roctis must mean that Roctis is in the Union. Tao asks who Roctis is and Frankenstein says that he was one of the traitorous Clan Leaders who betrayed the Lord and attempted to murder Rai. They then discuss the ramifications of killing The Elder and his main military force and how it would inevitably lead to a future confrontation with The Union. Then Rai walks away, telling them all to leave as they could no longer have the lives they wished for in Korea.
Later, Tao asks what they are going to do now since Rai has asked them to leave and Frankenstein thinking they were worried about having nowhere to go, assures them that they can go to Rai's mansion where they will be safe from the Union. However, M-21 clarifies that they want to know why Rai wants them gone theorizing that they may be too weak to face the Union, which would make them a burden to Rai and Frankenstein. Frankenstein explains that Rai asked them to leave because they aren't sure that they can protect them. He then proceeds to tell them about the nature of his Master's powers.
Rai's life span shortens every time he uses his powers. The way his powers drain his life force implies that they're either created from his life force or his powers are too strong for his body to handle. The recent problems with Rai's powers have arose from an incident that took place 820 years ago, which forced him to use a considerable amount of power to defend his life and to enter his hibernation afterwards. However, the hibernation period wasn't enough to help him recover as his body was beyond recovery.
Frankenstein tells them that Rai doesn't see them as a burden but is actually worried that he might be unable to protect the lives they have built in Korea, which makes M-21 wonder out loud why Rai cares so much about them when he is in fact so ill himself. This prompts Frankenstein to explain the true meaning of what it means to be The True Noblesse. He explains that Rai's greater role is to keep the Nobles' and their mighty powers in check and to destroy those who abuse their power by slaughtering humanity. This is the real reason why he is revered and feared among the Nobles. It caused him to live in solitude in the darkness of his mansion for a very long time, only visited every few hundred years by the Previous Lord and the Clan Leaders of the time. Rai would stand staring out a window for long periods on end, just cherishing the view of the world outside which was the only special thing he had.
M-21 questions Rai why he saves them even though he himself has been ill. Rai replies if he can save their lives by using his own, then his life is worth enough. It prompts all present there to swear their allegiance to Rai and face whatever awaits them. Later, Frankenstein uses his dark powers to create a ring and presents it to Rai. The ring is meant to augment the power of the seal Rai received from the Previous Lord, in order to prevent Rai's power from constantly leaking out. After some color issue, Rai wears the ring and settles down to a happy meal with the perfect family he has got.

Volume 5

M-24 Arc

The Meeting
Thousands of years ago, Rai used to live alone in his mansion in Lukedonia. There was a stir among the nobles about a certain human who was fighting nobles and no one was able to defeat him. Rumor spread that he also forcibly erased the memories of the nobles and experimented on them. Gejutel and Ragar were sent by the then Lord to capture 'him' (Frankenstein) alive. They fought hard with him but were hoodwinked as he fled. The human ran right into the noblesse's mansion unknowingly and told the only man (Rai) he encountered that he had joined work there. Rai met Frankenstein for the first time and according to the latter's own words, he made him a worker (in fact, his only worker) there. When Gejutel and Ragar arrived, Rai told them both that the human would be working for him from then on and entrusted him the entire mansion. Afterwards, the Master and servant introduced themselves to each other and Rai got his very first companion.
At present, Rai and Frankenstein are joined by others and their household is ever lively. However, intrusions from the Union are disturbing the lives they have come to like.
The Fugitive
A sudden incident introduces another new boarder to the household. M-24 seems to be alive and is brought to Frankenstein's residence after he is rescued from Union members who has chased him. However, Rai senses something different yet similar from him comparing with the past. Later it is revealed that he is a spy of Crombel.

Decision Arc

The 10th & 11th Elders
An investigation team from the Union arrive in Korea and amongst them are two Elders: the 10th and 11th. Seira and Regis meet them as representatives of the nobles. Meanwhile, Tao and Takeo get caught by Yuri and Bonerre while attempting to plant false evidence against Dr. Crombel. M-21 is about to look for them and Rai decides to join him in the search. When Frankenstein, Seira and Regis return, they are shocked to find Rai gone.
Elsewhere, Rai and M-21 come face to face with the Elders while looking for Tao and Takeo. The Elders suspect them to be the miscreants involved and attack. M-21 tries to create a diversion for Rai to escape as he is unwell. Rai feels good being tried to be protected. However, he decides not to leave and steps in to fight. He cannot use his powers though as Frankenstein enters. Rai watches as Frankenstein and Seira face-off the two Elders. However, when Rostere attempts to hide among humans and use them as shields to protect himself, Rai takes the matter in his own hands. He uses his powers to subjugate Rostere. Rostere mistakes Rai for the Lord and he turns himself into a live bomb to destroy him. But Rai consumes the energy of the entire blast. After the annihilation of the two elders, Rai turns to Bonerre asking him about the whereabouts of Tao and Takeo. Frankenstein convinces him to go home while he takes care of the matter. Rai finally agrees to leave it to him and returns home with M-21 and Regis.
Tao and Takeo
Upon returning, they find three big surprises awaiting them: Frankenstein's lab is destroyed, M-24 is gone and so is Frankenstein's research data. Frankenstein and Seira return with mortally wounded Tao and Takeo but see no hope of fixing them with the lab at a demolished state. Rai decides to 'awaken' both of them. Despite everyone's urges, he is determined to bear the toll in order to save their lives. He uses his power and fells unconscious after awakening them.
Rai's health deteriorates more than ever and finally Frankenstein manages to convince him to enter hibernation for a short period to restore his health. He enters hibernation, lying in his casket in an underground chamber.

Reunion Arc

The Earnest Wish
Rai awakens from his temporary slumber when Frankenstein goes berserk fighting the four Union Elders. Rai reaches the battle zone just on time to save Frankenstein, Rajak and Seira from a lethal attack of the 6th Elder, Urokai.
The two traitor clan leaders - Urokai and Zarga stare at Rai in astonishment as they believed the Noblesse to be dead. Rai reveals that he knew that they were the ones who betrayed him. Urokai is incensed at Rai as even though he had known about them, he never wanted or felt it necessary to know their reason for betraying. He assumes Rai has never had any interest in them to begin with. Both Urokai and Zarga prepare to attack Rai who creates a blood field surrounding the three of them. Their battle commences and although Rai dispels their attacks quite easily, his health state clearly deteriorates further. But he continues to push his limit and initiates his Blood Wings. In the end, Urokai and Zarga summon all their powers to assemble the ultimate attack, making their serpent and dragon appear. However, Rai defeats the beasts with his own Blood Phoenix and destroys their soul weapons.
Then Rai punishes the ex-clan leaders with his authority as the Noblesse, sending both of them to forced eternal sleep. After receiving the punishment, Urokai asks Rai one last time how he truly felt when he knew about their betrayal. Rai finally discloses that he felt sad. At this, Urokai finally understands Rai’s feelings for them and asking apology from Rai, he meets his demise. Zarga also apologizes and thanks Rai for stopping him from proceeding further in the wrong path before meeting his end.
As the two ex-clan leaders pass away, Rai recalls the past times he had with them; while they used to visit him during his lonely days in Lukedonia, regardless of his impassiveness. He had earnestly wished he never have to face any of the traitor clan leaders so that he would not have to pass judgment on them. But fate has devised otherwise.
Rai turns to the remaining Elder (5th) and tells her to inform the Union about his existence. Then he heads back home with the battle-worn team. His health deteriorates even more while the news of the Noblesse's existence causes a chaos within the Union hierarchy. They decide to postpone their declared war in order to revise their course of action. This state of confusion allows temporary peace in Frankenstein's household.
Eye of the Typhoon
Rai receives a present from Frankenstein - an earring similar to the pair the previous Lord had gifted him, with the exception of the dark aura presence. Rai feels the presence of Dark Spear and deems it being the reason for Frankenstein's worsened condition. He accepts the present and wears it although the color is not to his liking.

Volume 6

A flashback shows hundreds of years back, when Frankenstein had started to live in Rai's mansion. Certain six clan leaders visited the place more often, curious and angry at the human who was living with the Noblesse. Frankenstein was taken to their Lord and their private conversation revealed to Frankenstein much about his employer's nature. The Lord explained how Raizel had imprisoned himself within that distant mansion and only looking outside from a single window. Being the Noblesse, he could have chosen to live a free life but he decided to make it harder for himself. Then the Lord suggested Frankenstein to ask Raizel to make a contract with him. He also entrusted Frankenstein to take care of Raizel.
Schemes of certain clan leaders led to a battle between Urokai and Frankenstein during which Frankenstein went berserk. Raizel and the previous Lord arrived just on time to stop their fatal blows. To everyone's surprise, Raizel stepped in to pacify the berserk Frankenstein. He awakened Frankenstein. After gaining consciousness, Frankenstein realized that the awakening had taken toll on Raizel's health. He learnt the true nature of Raizel's powers from the Lord and decided to change his own power-hungry nature. Raizel was served a blood-mixed tea by Frankenstein with the intention of forming a contract. Raizel realized it and taking a sip, he said to Frankenstein: "We have entered a contract of the soul; you are hereby bound to me by blood."[10] After Frankenstein gave his consent, the two became Master and servant bound by the Blood Contract.
Back at present, an unexpected attack made by Ignes Kravei results in Seira's kidnapping and leads Regis and Rael in their pursuit. Rai and Frankenstein go to rescue her, following Rajak who tracks the special trail left by Rael. They leave Karias (who has just arrived from Lukedonia) behind to housesit as they journey to Roctis' island.
Rai decides they should scout the area separately. Rai reaches the lab where the noble children are imprisoned for experimenting. He finds Ignes has been drawing out most of their blood and detaining their regeneration with scheduled blasts. Ignes is shocked to find Rai at her lab and is rooted to the spot with fear. Rai, unable to withstand her unforgivable actions, banishes her off the right to even look at him. Blood gushes out of her eyes but before she can be further punished, Roctis arrives.
Rai and Roctis confront each other. Roctis is determined to protect his daughter at any cost; even if it means to repeat his sin against Rai. Rai reveals his knowledge of Roctis' betrayal reason - his weakness for his child. Nevertheless, he cannot forgive the sins they have committed upon humans and so decides to punish them. Roctis creates a diversion for Ignes to flee. After that Rai and Roctis clash with each other, Rai having secured the noble children in his energy sphere first. Although immensely weakened and Roctis enhanced with physical modification, Rai reaches his Blood Wings stage and summons the Blood Phoenix to finish off Roctis. While disintegrating, Rai counsels Roctis that the duty of a parent goes beyond condonance. Roctis apologizes and swearing to engrave those words in his soul, departs his life.
Rai then has a flashback of the last time he had met Roctis in Lukedonia. Roctis told he wouldn't be able to visit him for a while and apologized saying he just wanted Rai to know. Now Rai understands what he meant back then. Roctis had wanted him to know everything, all along.
Roctis' death is felt by Ignes who initiates the awakening of Muzaka to avenge her father and fight the Noblesse. Muzaka wakes up and destroys the lab where he had been preserved in a vessel. Rai instantly senses Muzaka's presence and soon the two of them come face-to-face. Rai orders Frankenstein to keep away and protect the children. Frankenstein is compelled to oblige and become a spectator along with Rajak who has just arrived the battle zone. He reveals that Muzaka is the previous Lord of Werewolves and also Rai's only friend.
Rai and Muzaka address each other but Muzaka appears to be in a trance. So, Rai engulfs him in his Blood Field and tries to bring back his senses. However, the rage in Muzaka hasn't died out even after the battle 820 years back. He charges at Rai for obstructing him from destroying humankind. Rai stays adamant at restraining Muzaka. Their battle ensues. In the clash of both powerful beings, Rai emerges victorious, albeit at a terrible cost. He is revealed to be battle-worn for the first time and Muzaka is found nowhere nearby. They decide to leave the island although wary of the long journey ahead of them. To their surprise, Tao and Takeo arrive to take them back home.
At home, Rai is under Frankenstein's intensive care. But his condition has gone beyond recovery. Rai finds his only complacence in spending time with the children and visiting his favorite place - the school. He apprehends that he doesn't have much time and wishes Muzaka would come to meet him before it's too late.

Volume 7


Raizel and Muzaka meets for the first time.

A flashback arc shows the time when Raizel and Muzaka had met for the first time.[11]
Raizel was looking out from his window as usual when a sudden mysterious figure appeared right in front of him, asking if he was the Noblesse. With Raizel's silence affirming his suspicion, Muzaka made his way into Raizel's room through the window and introduced himself. Raizel was quite puzzled as to the intruder's identity but the intruder himself was even more puzzled to see the Noblesse not knowing who he was. Muzaka decided they should settle just with names and Raizel gave him his. Their meeting was cut short by the presence of a visitor and Raizel watched his sudden visitor leave through the window before Raskreia appeared at the door. As she conveyed the summon of the noble lord and hastened to fulfill his orders, Raizel left through the window in an instant, leaving Raskreia sitting in the room, clueless.
The visit was repeated within a short interval as Muzaka came to Lukedonia representing his pack to meet with the lord of nobles. Raizel was gazing at the moonlit sky when Muzaka appeared through the same window. After a short explanation of his coming, Muzaka placed himself beside Raizel and the both of them gazed at the bright, full moon.[12]
Raizel was alone again when Muzaka left to visit the noble Lord. But his 'peace' was disturbed by Raskreia, who had come to fulfill the Lord's order. As she took a seat and asked Raizel to help her out, Raizel walked over to her and sat with a nod. The two of them remain clueless as to how long they need to sit like that. Raskreia wondered whether they should just stay like that for the next two days like the previous time while Raizel sat still without a single word until the task was accomplished.
Raizel was visited again by the frequent 'intruder' Muzaka who had come after the heated discussion with his pack. Raizel remained silent as Muzaka walked lied down on a couch. As Raizel walked over to his werewolf counterpart, the latter started telling him the stories of different places far away and what they're like with a sudden excitement. Raizel was surprised to hear about the ice covered forests and sand covered lands. He gave away rare facial changes which amused Muzaka to reveal more with a chuckle. However, Raizel reverted to his old, silent way, and even expressed suspicion and Muzaka had to struggle to convince his friend that he wasn't lying.
A month had passed and Muzaka was still staying at Raizel's place. Sensing the presence of a visitor, Muzaka finally decided to leave and bade farewell to Raizel. When suddenly, he stopped to ask his friend what he does when he has to make a tough decision, Raizel commented that it took quite a while for that question to come out. Although Raizel deemed his method would not be helpful to Muzaka, he revealed it to his insisting friend: I... just do what I believe is right.[13] Raizel stared out of the window as his friend left with a revitalized impression. His silence was intruded by Raskreia once again, who entered to see that Muzaka had left. Raizel confirmed her suspicion with a simple nod and she took her leave as her task was complete. Raizel remained standing, looking at the closed door. His solitude is but for a short time as his one and only friend returns again; this time, having addressed the problem with his pack and learning of Raizel's reason for solitude.
At present times, Rai is once again back to normal school life. A sudden visit from Raskreia,[14] accompanied by Gejutel, stirs up commotion in the class. Rai continues his usual stare out of the window until class starts, when he draws his desk near Raskreia's and offers to share the book which will be needed in the class. After school time, the children take them to the PC bang and Rai is amazed (even blushes!) at Raskreia's talent in video games. As the children depart, Rai takes Raskreia to a rooftop: his favorite spot for citygazing, to show her the life and buzz of human world. Raskreia realizes that this is where he truly belongs and returns to Lukedonia with Gejutel.
A few days later, Rai receives another visitor in the school: Muzaka.[15] His friend being in the right state of mind and they have a decent chat after a long time. They recall the past events and Muzaka reminds Rai that his objective has not yet changed: he will eliminate the human race. This leaves Rai quite depressed for the coming days - an issue which the children speculate as the result of being heartbroken.
Rai has to step in a battle scenario once again to save the trio and the young nobles- Regis and Rael, this time, from the clutches of the modified werewolves - Grui and Gaitan. However, before he could take any actions against them, Muzaka interrupts and takes matters to his own hands to suppress his kindred.
Soon afterwards, Rai is tipped off about the intended attack on Lukedonia. Rael's sudden awakening with a complete soul weapon causes further worry that something must have happened to Rajak. The household is alarmed and Rai and Frankenstein decide to check on the issue themselves. So, they set off for Lukedonia.
On the way, Rai picks up the trace of Rajak on an islet near Lukedonia. They find battle traces all over and conclude it was not a fair fight where the clan leader met his demise. Rai reminisces about the last time Rajak had talked to him before taking leave from the house. Determined to avenge Rajak's death, they continue onward and reach the shores of Lukedonia. Surprisingly, the barriers were breached before them and both Rai and Frankenstein agree on one noble who could do it so easily: Lagus. They then rush to their mansion where again, they face a shocking revelation: Rai's mansion is destroyed.[16] Rai then sends Frankenstein to fight the enemies while he has something to check in the wreckage. He walks into a chamber with a coffer inside and realizes that the object that was supposed to be there, is gone. Rai remembers the time when he was given the responsibility to seal away the Blood Stone. Unfortunately, he has failed to protect it and the stone has fallen into wrong hands.
Rai then goes where Frankenstein has been fighting the traitors. He appears behind the traitors [17] but his presence goes completely unacknowledged (due to Frankenstein's prank [18]). After they notice him, all the traitors and werewolves are frozen to the bone. Rai tells Raskreia not to get involved as he considers it is his responsibility to protect the Nobles. The werewolves desperately launch attacks on him but are subdued by Rai's overwhelming power. Lagus also proves to be no match for him. The enemies realize that the Noblesse has not weakened as rumored. Lagus then commands Edian to attack Rai. She hesitates but obeys the order in a haphazard way; failing completely. Rai overcomes Edian effortlessly. As the enemies fall one by one, Lagus is left as the only one facing Rai. He then brings out the Blood Stone.
Rai's tragic past regarding the stone is revealed through a flashback. Back then, civil war had broken out in Lukedonia. Piles of Nobles' corpses lay scattered while two winged Nobles hovered above them. Rai was facing his own brother. His brother had intended to use the Blood Stone's powers and create a world where only Nobles would reign. Rai had to step in to put an end to it and ended up killing many Nobles and even his own brother.
After eons, he is facing the cursed stone again, this time, in the hands of Lagus. Rai watches as Lagus fuses with the stone and harnesses great power. Rai's Blood Field is nullified and he even receives injury from Lagus' attack. However, Rai holds the upperhand over the stone's power regardless of his physical condition. Lagus then amps up by absorbing power from the Nobles of Tradio clan (who are sent to an ancient site) and werewolves. Rai is barely able to keep up with Lagus and one of his wings gets torn off. The injury weakens him considerably. As he is about to receive a fatal blow, Edian blocks it in his stead and gets mortally wounded. Rai is shocked to see her sacrifice herself for him and learns how she has been manipulated all these years by a drug from Lagus. Enraged, Rai wraps an arm around the mortally wounded Edian and uses his other arm to summon his most powerful attack: Blood Phoenix and directs it towards Lagus. The attack annihilates the enemy once and for all. While disintegrating, Lagus curses Rai and the other nobles for not using their power to rule the world, saying that their isolation will lead them to extinction one day.

Edian in Rai's arms during her last moments.

Rai then turns back to Edian, who is slowly disintegrating in his arms. He sheds tears as she gently caresses his face. Finding him crying, Edian says that she isn't worthy of his tears and thanks him. Rai apologizes to Edian as she peacefully enters eternal sleep in the arms of the man she loved the most. Frankenstein arrives in the scene after finishing off Gradeus and witness the tearful farewell.
With all the traitors wiped out, Lukedonia finally gets to settle down. Rai advises Raskreia to ignore what the dead traitors had said and assures her that no matter how strong one is, they can't protect all. Raskreia asks if he regrets killing the traitors as they were once most loyal to him and served him when he was alone for an extraordinarily long time. Rai reminisces the good times he had with them and answers: "Regret... For someone like me, even that feeling is a luxury."
At home, Rai has closed himself off in his room. He is severely weakened due to the recent battle. He recalls the time, The Previous Lord came to visit him at his mansion. The Previous Lord asks him various questions, trying to avoid the real reason for his visit, however, after not receiving any responses from Rai, he talks to him about the reason he came to visit him. He reveals that he has decided it is time for him to go into eternal sleep. Rai is shocked, as The Previous Lord continues to talk about the world and why he has decided to go into eternal sleep. His final words to Rai are for him to allow himself to get caught up in the changes of this world, and when he finds the life that he has been looking for, to enjoy it.

Volume 8

Rai is with Yuna, Suyi, Seira and Regis. The children want to make him something nice to eat, since he's been looking weaker. Shinwoo and Ik-Han rush off after class to buy the ingredients. Yuna and Suyi wonder why they were in such a hurry.
Rai is in Frankenstein's office, when suddenly his servant sneezes. Rai takes no notice as Frankenstein apologises and makes Rai some tea.
The children are at Frankenstein's house visiting Rai. Rai is enjoying a cup of tea and listening to them argue about the recent incident, in which Shinwoo and Ik-Han got into trouble with the local bullies. Suyi is angry with the pair for lying to them about why they were late that day. Shinwoo and Ik-Han try and get Rai involved in order to protect themselves, by saying that his facial expression is questioning why Suyi and Yuna are making such a fuss over nothing and that they should lay off them. However, this invokes even greater wrath from Suyi, causing them to grimace in fear. Rai looks on clueless about the entire situation.
In one of his reports, Tao tells Rai and Frankenstein about the loss of communication with M-21. Rai stays quiet as Frankenstein ponders over the situation with Tao.
After learning that M-21 might be in danger, Rai stands to leave but Frankenstein stops him. He requests his Master to stay, intending to go himself, so Rai acquiesces.
Rai learns that M-21 was in a battle with werewolves. He listens to the conversation between Frankenstein, Takeo and Tao as they gain new information about the incident. Frankenstein informs Rai that he will contact Muzaka to exploit his knowledge of the werewolves.
Takeo is worried about M-21, and wants to find him soon. Tao tells him that he's looking for traces, but he still hasn't found a single clue and adds that Frankenstein contacted Muzaka, so all they can do is wait. Takeo replies that there's no guarantee that Muzaka knows anything about M-21's disappearance and that his right about them not being able to do anything but wait. Tao, Rai and Frankenstein are all worried about M-21.
Rai and Frankenstein meet Muzaka. Frankenstein asks Muzaka to take responsibility for the disappearance of M-21, and ask for the location of the werewolves' homeland. Muzaka refuses to take responsibility, just because his people were with M-21 when he disappeared. Frankenstein reveals that Kentas, the werewolf he spared earlier, was also involved and if he hadn't gotten involved at that time, then they wouldn't be in this situation. After going back and forth for a while, Rai steps in stating that it's Muzaka's fault and he should take responsibility. Muzaka relents, but says that even though he wants to help them, he can't since he doesn't know the whereabouts of his people. Frankenstein asks if he has any ideas, of a possible location, Muzaka replies that he could find out, but if he knew, he wouldn't disclose the location, since they could end up colliding with his people while they're looking for M-21. Before either of them can respond, a guest arrives at the KSA, looking for Frankenstein.
Lunark asks Frankenstein to help her meet Lord Muzaka, adding that he could probably reach Muzaka and if he complies with her request, she'll tell him where his companion is, she ends by suggesting he doesn't pretend he can't help her. Frankenstein smiles and tells her, he'll help her right way. Lunark is taken aback as Muzaka and Rai enter the scene, Muzaka reprimands Frankenstein for selling him out without hesitation. Frankenstein replies it was a good condition, since he doesn't have the information and that he has no intention of co-operating with them. Muzaka addresses Lunark by name and comments that he doesn't know why she was looking for him, but Rai had called him for a meeting recently, so the timing worked out well. After learning of M-21's predicament, from Lunark, he decides to accompany them to the werewolves' homeland. Frankenstein protests, but Rai tells him, M-21 doesn't have much time and is in a very different place than before. Frankenstein reluctantly accepts and replies that he'll go with him.
Rai, Frankenstein, Muzaka and Lunark are on their way to the werewolves' lair. Muzaka is angered by Maduke's use of their clan members for experiments. Muzaka asks Rai if he's going to rescue the human who got abducted? Rai replies that he is. Muzaka questions if he's really going to fight his people to save him and whether it's really worth going that far, he adds that he may be a human but he's not a regular human without power. Rai tells him that it's because he took M-21 under his wing. Muzaka comments that Rai has changed and wishes that Rai would've changed sooner.
The rescue team of Rai, Frankenstein, Lunark and Muzaka are approaching the shores of the werewolves' land.
Lunark announces to the group that they're almost at the werewolves' territory and based on the energy that she's sensing, there are four werewolf warriors heading towards them. Frankenstein tells everyone to go on ahead, and he will deal with the warriors. Lunark is worried and Muzaka asks if Frankenstein will be okay, since there are four warriors, heading towards them. Frankenstein reiterates that they can't waste any more time, and that rather than worrying about him, they should allow him to go berserk, and that if he's going to deal with four warriors, he'll have to go on a rampage, adding that it won't matter much, since Muzaka came along for the same reasons, which embarrasses Muzaka slightly. Rai releases the seal on Frankenstein's powers, and Frankenstein gives a sadistic grin, having been given permission to go wild, and starts to release his aura.
Lunark, Rai and Muzaka are still making their way to the werewolves' territory. Muzaka informs Lunark that he didn't come to save Kentas but instead came to face Maduke and the warriors who abused their authority and sacrificed countless innocent werewolves for power. This comes as a shock to Lunark. Muzaka asks her if Maduke is at the centre, something she confirms. He asks her if all the warriors excluding her and Kentas are sacrificing the weaker members of their clan for power. She confirms this to be the case as well. Muzaka is pleased that he doesn't have to ask them one by one. Lunark is unsure about what course of action to take, since she was sure that Muzaka would save Kentas. Muzaka tells Lunark that once he arrives, things will get chaotic and all of the warriors will move to catch him, so she can stop leading the way and do whatever she needs to do. Lunark realises that Muzaka is right and that since everyone will be focused on him, she'll have the opportunity to rescue Kentas. Lunark thanks her former Lord and leaves. Rai catches up to Muzaka, as Muzaka realises that he didn't ask Lunark for M-21's location, causing Rai to flinch. Muzaka asks what they should do, since Lunark is already long gone. Rai breaks out in a cold sweat, as he realises that he's lost.
Kentas is exhausted and having fought Uzhir insists on continuing. Uzhir asks him if he's out of his mind. Kentas gets to his feet and replies that he doesn't think he can beat him, and that he's fighting to the end as a warrior for his people, who were betrayed by the Lord and the warriors they trusted to protect them. Gotaru shouts to Uzhir asking how long he's going to listen to Kentas spout such nonsense and if he doesn’t want to finish off Kentas, tell him and he'll do it. Before Uzhir can respond a voice asks them what's wrong, and whether it's hard for them to hear what Kentas is saying because they feel guilty. The warriors are left in shock as Muzaka and Rai make their appearance.
Rai and Muzaka arrive at Kentas' location. Muzaka asks Kentas about M-21's location. Kentas wonders if he's talking about M-21, and whether the Noblesse has come to rescue M-21. Kentas tells them that he was captured by a Noble named Ignes, while they were making their escape, and he was taken back to the lab. Rai is shocked by the revelation and asks for confirmation, which he gets from Kentas. Kentas tells him they destroyed several research facilities near the lab, where M-21 has been taken, so he just needs to head for a place with smoke coming from it. Muzaka instructs Rai to go on ahead. Just as Rai is about to leave, Gotaru stands in his way, stating that Rai isn't going anywhere. Gotaru comments that he doesn't know who Rai is, but it's not up to him to decide whether he gets to leave this place or not. Rai asks him to step aside. Gotaru refuses, asking if he's stupid and whether he thinks that he'll step aside, just because Rai asks him to. Muzaka suggests that Gotaru let Rai be on his way. Gotaru shouts for Muzaka to shut up and refuses to take orders from a traitor. Muzaka tells him it's advice not an order, but he can think whatever he wants, before adding that he shouldn't let himself get distracted when he has an opponent like Rai in front of him. Gotaru questions what he's murmuring about, when he's suddenly hit with a powerful energy. Gotaru is shocked and scared as Rai releases his aura. The other werewolves are shocked at the level of Rai's power, as the ground begins to shake. Gotaru is pushed back by the resulting explosion. Muzaka wonders why Rai is forcing himself to use his powers to such an extent. Gotaru is left sitting on the ground coughing and spluttering. Uzhir wonders if Rai's overwhelming power means he's the Noblesse. Rai takes his leave. Muzaka chides the warriors stating that's why he told them to let Rai go, and they should have listened to him, but it doesn't matter now and asks if they'd like to get started, with their business. Rai having left the scene wipes blood from his mouth, stating Ignes' name aloud.
Rai is on his way to look for M-21 when he reaches a wooded area. As he's moving through the forest, a number of Ofuda (Japanese paper talismans) on the trees, start glowing. The Ofuda cause a large explosion. Rai escapes the blast unscathed. Zaiga appears before him, disappointed that he's not Muzaka. Rai asks him to step aside. Zaiga laughs, stating he'll do as he asks, only after killing him. A voice from above chides him for daring to speak to the Noblesse in such a manner. Zaiga senses an attack and uses his power to protect himself and his companions. He asks the identities of the attackers, as Raskreia and Kei Ru make their entrance.
Rai is surprised to see Kei and Raskreia. Raskreia asks why he's in the werewolves' territory before retracting her question, stating he must have a good reason for being there. Bashum and Gaura unaware of the identities of the Nobles before them, make insulting comments before being reprimanded by Zaiga. Zaiga tells them to watch their words, since even though they're enemies, they're not people, they should take lightly. Zaiga then proceeds to welcome the Lord of the Nobles and the Noblesse, introducing himself as a werewolf warrior named Zaiga and apologising for his rude behaviour earlier. Bashum and Gaura are shocked to learn of the identities of the Nobles. Zaiga asks why they've come to their territory. Raskreia tells Rai they can't talk given the current circumstances and asks him to go on ahead, while she handles matters here. Bashum and Gaura object to this, stating no matter who they are, they're not going to let them act however they please. Zaiga orders the two of them to step aside and let Rai through. He thinks that it'd be easier to take them on separately than altogether. Raskreia asks Rai why he isn't leaving. Rai looks at her, before taking off, to resume his journey. Rozaria has summoned her soul weapon and is reciting a spell to gather energy for her ultimate attack. After gathering enough energy an eye opens in the sky above Maduke's castle. She unleashes the power of her attack on the castle below, with the shock wave being felt at Raskreia's location. Rai notices the attack, on his way to rescue M-21.
Rai is on his way to find M-21, when he senses something that makes him stop, mid-flight. He turns and looks back, wondering if Frankenstein is alright.
Sensing Frankenstein's distress at being absorbed by the Dark Spear, Rai communicates with him telepathically. Frankenstein thinks he's imagining at first, but realises that it is indeed his Master's voice. Rai asks if he can continue to rely on Frankenstein, that he went ahead to look for M-21 because he thought he could trust him, but he's in a dangerous situation right now. He asks Frankenstein if he can continue to trust him and go on ahead. Frankenstein comes to his senses and tells his Master that he can, and manages to escape from the Dark Spear realm, apologising to his Master for making him worry. Rai states that he'll trust him as always and continues to look for M-21.
Ignes is sitting in her lab, preparing to leave. She states judging from the noises outside, they must really be going at it, and it's such a shame that she has to leave sooner than expected, since there was more data she could've obtained here. She suddenly flinches and turns to see Rai enter the lab. Rai glares at her.
Ignes turns to face Rai and asks if he's here because the werewolves attacked Lukedonia recently or if he's come here to get her. She grits her teeth asking if he really came all this way to get her. Ignes flinches as Rai speaks her name and asks her for the location of the human she was experimenting on. Ignes is speechless and wonders if he's talking about the human who's turning into a werewolf. Ignes asks why he's asking her about that human. Rai instead tells her to answer his question. Ignes states that Rai came all the way to werewolf territory to find one human, adding it's ridiculous. She begins laughing and states he's really remarkable, if he'd shown that much interest in her father, he wouldn't have had to go into Eternal Sleep like that. Rai tells her that Roctis gave up everything in order to protect her. Ignes gets angry asking if Rai is trying to say that her father betrayed him and the Nobles because of her. Ignes shouts if she asked him to sacrifice himself for her, that she never asked for such a thing and it was all his own decision, instead saying Rai is the one who's responsible for all of this, not her. She tells Rai that if he'd given the slightest bit of attention to her father, who followed and respected him for a long time, that if he'd given her father even a fraction of the attention he gives to those humans, her father wouldn't have made such a decision, rather for his sake, he would've abandoned her as well. Ignes tells Rai, it's all his fault for making her father to make such a decision. Ignes calls for Titan. The floor warps and bulges, as Ignes states this is a gift for Rai. A giant blue creature emerges from the ground. Ignes informs Rai a lot of werewolves went into creating him, and even though his power is too great to control, she's sure he'll be able to give Rai the gift of Eternal Sleep. The creature roars destroying the lab and the surrounding area.
Ignes is shocked at Titan's display of power, she realises this is good and starts complimenting him. She orders Titan to give Rai the gift of Death. Rai looks on as Titan launches an attack turning the ground into rubble. Rai shields himself from the attack and is surprised, when Titan launches an energy beam at him. Rai manages to block the beam, but as Titan increases the power of the beam, blood starts to drip from Rai's mouth. Ignes is surprised to see the blood, as Titan attack Rai from above. Rai summons his blood field and manages to destroy Titan's arm. Titan screams, and regenerates his arm instantaneously, and once again moves to attack Rai. Rai uses his power, to destroy both of Titan's arms, causing the monster to roar in pain. Rai attempts to push the creature back, however Titan continues to move forward attacking Rai with his head, while his arms regenerate. Rai uses a blood barrier to protect himself, only for Titan to tear the barrier apart, with his newly regenerated limbs. Rai is shocked at the creature's strength, as Titan fires an energy beam at an unprotected Rai, completely destroying the barrier. Ignes ridicules Rai, saying he used to be the most glorious of Nobles, but now looking at his pitiful state he must already have been weak before coming to the land of the Werewolves. Ignes asks why he would attempt something so reckless, just to save one human. In a flashback, M-21 recalls the time Rai asked Frankenstein if they were family. Rai explains the kids at school told him about family, and although they're not blood relatives he understands what family means. Rai has released his Blood Wing and prepares to face Titan once more as blood drips from his eyes.
Ignes is shocked to see Rai with only one Blood Wing and is saddened to see him in such bad shape, and having spent a long time beholding and loving him, she doesn't want to see him in that state, so tells him to just die. Titan attacks Rai and Rai blocks the attack, Rai immobilises the creature by using Mind Control, before attacking him with a Blood Field. Titan is damaged and broken, after the attack, but his healing ability counters all the damage he sustained in the attack, almost instantly. Rai uses a much more powerful Blood Field, encasing the creature inside it. Ignes thinks it can't end like this, since she created Titan with the data she gathered from her experiments on Nobles, Humans and Werewolves, making him the most powerful creature in existence. Titan transforms, destroying the Blood Field and launches a powerful attack against Rai, which is felt by everyone in Werewolf Territory.
Rai is unable to inflict any serious damage to Titan. Ignes tells him that she intends to release Titan in the human world, starting with where he lives and watch those dear to him die a dreadful death. This provokes Rai to unleash more power and attack Ignes. Titan tries to punch Rai from behind but is pushed back as Rai counterattacks. The monster takes flight and lets out several energy beams that alarm Rai and Ignes. After being placed in the range of attack, Ignes concludes that a rushed specimen can not be controlled and decides to leave before Titan mistakes her for an enemy. She attacks Rai with her soul weapon as a parting gift. Rai, who is blocking a concentrated beam gets stabbed and loses his concentration. His force field shatters and an explosion occurs as the energy beam strikes.


  • The Previous Lord: Rai showed great respect towards the previous Lord even though they are on equal rank in the Noble community, which implies that the previous Lord is much older than Rai. Rai admired the previous Lord and this is shown by Rai's reaction when Gejutel tells him that the previous Lord has entered eternal sleep. However, Rai's cold, cutting-edge attitude frustrated the Lord many times when he tried to pass on the Lordship to Rai and because his jokes never affected Rai. Rai refers to the previous Lord many times and recalls the past times when the previous Lord gave him useful advice for guidance.
  • Erga Kenesis Di Raskreia: Rai shares an awkward relationship with Raskreia. Frankenstein remarked that they were never fond of each other in the past and only until recently, Raskreia believed that Rai was the leader of the traitor Nobles. However, after the misunderstanding has been resolved between the two great Nobles, both show more respect and care for each other secretly and Rai is ultimately healed by Raskreia. Rai calls her by her original name and speaks in informal tone, which implies that Rai is older than her and is ranked equally/above her in the Noble community. He cares for her a lot and is often seen praising or encouraging her when she is in turmoil. It is known when Raizel carries all the bags from the shopping mall which he implies that it is an act of caring for someone in a human way. A future relationship can be expected from them.
  • Edian Drosia: Even though Edian clearly harbored deep feelings towards Rai, he has never shown any particular response. In the past years, he would usually let Edian silently hang around him as long as she had wanted. He even misunderstands her as a traitor when they meet again in Lukedonia after hundreds of years. He is greatly shocked when Edian sacrifices herself to protect him and is anguished when he learns that Lagus had her drugged and manipulated all these years. During her last moments, Rai allows her to stroke his face (exceptionally singular phenomenon) and apologize to her while crying as she departs.
  • Unnamed Brother: Though not much is known about him, it is evident that he is known to have a blood relation, a brother. During the civil war in which his brother wanted to wipe out the human race, Rai was forced to kill his brother. His brother warned him that the humans are not as pure and innocent as Rai believes, and that the humans would destroy both nobles and this world. But Rai held a strong foothold to protect them. He is the only other person to share much of his hemokinetic abilites.
  • Regis K. Landegre: Rai is fond of Regis, who treats him with the utmost respect and loyalty. He cares for Regis and seems to enjoy his company around the school - especially their tea time with Frankenstein! His care for the young Noble is shown when he saves him countless times from the enemies but never complains about his deteriorating health. However, Rai is always grateful to Regis for his efforts to protect him and the school by being a member of RK-5.
  • Seira J. Loyard: Rai is also fond of Seira, probably owing to the fact that she lost her father at such a young age and was forced to bear the heavy weight of being a clan leader. He also loves Seira's meals as her cooking skills are outstanding and she can perfect Ramen Noodles, using Frankenstein's Master recipe. Rai has also saved Seira on a few occasions and seems keen to preserve their normal school life, much like she is willing to fight to protect him and the school by being a member of RK-5.
  • Rael Kertia: Rai appreciates Rael's respectful attitude, which he adopted after learning where Rai stands in the Noble community. He also shows great trust in him and his brother as he tells them that their father would be proud of them as his trust in his sons to restore stability has been paid. However he corrects Rael when he is angered by the children's ignorance and frequent visits as he values the children greatly.
  • Gejutel K. Landegre: Rai trusts Gejutel almost as much as the previous Lord did and his trust is replied with undeniable loyalty from the clan leader. Gejutel was one of the few clan leaders who went to see Rai in his mansion to remain acquainted but unlike the traitor Nobles, him and Ragar knew when to stop to avoid irritating the Noblesse. Rai cares for Gejutel - shown when he finally decides to return to Lukedonia (revealing his identity in the process) in order to save Gejutel from the Lord's wrath.
  • Roctis Kravei: Although Rai did not show it, he appreciated Roctis' frequent visits and care for his wellbeing and respected his will as a clan leader. Rai never doubted Roctis' loyalty and knew him very well to such an extent that Roctis would never turn treacherous other than to protect his beloved daughter, Ignes. Rai knew that Roctis had genuine admiration for him and therefore it greatly saddened him when he had to execute Roctis - he thinks back to the time when Roctis bidded one last farewell to him before proceeding with his plan.
  • Urokai Agvain: Rai was aware that Urokai admired him greatly and appreciated his 'intensive' care, although he was terrible at making tea! Being an observative character, Rai knew that Urokai was always a loud character and was loyal to his emotions. Frankenstein remarks that although his Master never showed it, he wished that he had never seen Urokai again after learning what he did to the Nobles as he would have to execute his eager follower. This shows how much Rai actually cared for Urokai.
  • Zarga Siriana: Rai knew that Zarga was a quiet character, in contrast to his fellow clan leader Urokai but his admiration for Rai still came through to Rai. Rai appreciated his frequent visits and his respectful attitude and was saddened when he learned what crime Zarga had committed. Frankenstein remarks that although his Master never showed it, he wished that he had never seen Zarga after learning what the clan leader had done as he would have to execute his once-loyal follower.

  • Frankenstein: Rai trusts his faithful servant Frankenstein whole-heartedly and remains very grateful to him for allowing him to live a normal life he always craved. Rai tends to seek advice from Frankenstein but he is also the one to stop Frankenstein from going over the line and indeed, he has done an admirable job to 'tame' his wild servant. Rai worries for his servant as he struggles to control the Dark Spear but this hasn't stopped him from sealing Frankenstein's powers to prevent any more harm done to humans and Nobles alike. Rai has saved his servant on numerous occasions and the close bond formed between them over the past centuries is emphasized by the blood contract they have formed.
  • M-21: At first, when M-21 was an Union agent, Rai was very angry with him for kidnapping the innocent children. However, Rai saw the inner goodness of him and did not object to taking him on board after the death of his comrade, M-24. Rai clearly cares for M-21 and seems to know more about the source of his power than anyone else, since he awakened his powers. Again, Rai has saved M-21 from the enemies many times but he still remains grateful for his efforts to protect him and the school by being a member of RK-5. Later throughout the series he considers them his family.
  • Tao: Rai spared Tao when rescuing the children from the DA-5 base as Rai realized that Tao had no ill intentions towards the children. Once Tao became a part of the household, Rai very much enjoyed Tao's outgoing character and also didn't mind all the noise he generated, as it made the house more lively. Rai cares for Tao and as a result, has saved him on numerous occasions from the enemies but Rai seems to be willing to exhaust his life source in order to protect Tao and the others - he reveals that he lived a very happy life with them before awakening Tao's powers. Rai is grateful to Tao for creating RK-5, a small troop to protect him. Later throughout the series he considers them his family.
  • Takeo: Rai and Takeo don't talk to each other that much but Rai values Takeo's opinion and appreciates his respectful attitude. Rai is fond of him as he is aware of the inner mental wound that all modified humans (unwillingly experimented upon by the Union) suffer from and reveals that he lived a very happy life with them before awakening Takeo's powers. Rai has saved Takeo and the others many times, exhausting his life source in the process but feels that his life is being used for a worthy cause so sees no objection to not save the weak. Rai is grateful to Takeo for joining RK-5 to protect him. Later throughout the series he considers them his family.

  • Han Shinwoo: Shinwoo is the first person Rai met after leaving hibernation and therefore is also the first person he befriended. Shinwoo is very kind and generous to him, often buying him Ramen Noodles in the school restaurant and Rai appreciates everything Shinwoo does for him. Rai enjoys playing PC and board games with Shinwoo, but above all, his company as his noisy presence made him realise that noise should form a part of one's daily life. Rai expresses how much he values Shinwoo and his friends when rescuing them from DA-5, by telling them that they don't need to ask him for anything as he will do what they wish gladly.
  • Woo Ik-Han: Rai sits next to Ikhan in class to share books with him and finds his laptop very interesting - so much that Frankenstein had to buy him the best laptop in the market! Rai appreciates Ikhan's enthusiasm when playing with him and his other friends and also the help he gives when he comes across a modern tech gadget. Despite all this help from Ikhan and Frankenstein, Rai remains clueless why he is a terrible gamer. Rai tells Ikhan and the others that they don't need to ask him for anything as he will do what they wish gladly.
  • Seo Yuna: Rai enjoys hanging out with Yuna, who at first fancied Rai due to his stunning looks. Rai was given the nickname 'Rai' by Yuna and he seems to like the name. Rai expresses how much he values Yuna and her friends when rescuing them from DA-5, by telling them that they don't need to ask him for anything as he will do what they wish gladly. Although Yuna is pretty bad at games, Rai leads the way to being an appalling gamer!
  • Im Suyi: Rai met Suyi later than his other friends because Suyi is a famous celebrity. Rai treats her well and has saved her on many occasions from the Union troops and feels that he is willing to do anything for the children. Rai enjoys Suyi's company as she is very nice to him and helps him out a lot when he comes across something new. Rai is grateful to Suyi and her friends for letting him experience a new, enjoyable way of life he always craved.

  • Muzaka: Muzaka was Rai's only friend in the past and he often used to pay visits to Rai's mansion to see him, ever since their first memorable encounter. Although Rai didn't express his feelings to his friend, it is evident that he appreciated Muzaka's kindness. However, Rai did not hesitate to fight his friend, who was caught in unstoppable rage after humans took away something very precious from him (Ashleen) and decided to wipe out mankind. This ruined their once-close relationship and although it seems like Rai is still fond of Muzaka, it may not the same in the other direction. However, it is shown that Muzaka is at the very least cordial to Rai, as shown through him talking to Rai on a number of occasions after he had somewhat stabilised. After Muzaka came to his native land with Rai (and Frankenstein) to defeat Maduke (The second elder) he is forced into combat with Garda, which causes Rai to step in to stop him. During their battle Rai apologizes for stopping him and not grieving for him and awakens him from his 'possessed like' state. Soon after he encounters Rai and forces him into battle, however it was a ploy for Muzaka to transfer power into Rai, he then tells Rai to live his life, this showing is how deeply he cares for Rai, even tossing his own life aside for him and forgiving him for holding him back.

Powers and Abilities

Raizel is shown to be the most powerful Noble and is possibly the most powerful character in the entire series. He is powerful enough to make the enemies tremble just from his very presence. He has power that is far beyond that of several Clan Leaders combined and has Frankenstein as his powerful servant. Gejutel revealed that Rai is the The Noblesse, marking him as a being with power far above all others.[19] Also in contrast to the Lord who has power and authority over all Nobles, Raizel has equal privileges of a Lord as a high-ranking Noble and can do whatever he pleases in which the Clan Leaders absolutely obey even a simple request. He was able to take Frankenstein as his servant during his time of wreaking havoc to the Nobles, when the said human was being chased by Gejutel and Rayga under the Previous Lord's order. His status extends to all lesser Nobles and he is able to keep Rael and Regis (with their haughty attitude) in line.

As the Noblesse, Rai has the responsibility of protecting Nobles from external threats, but his main duty is to guard the meaning of nobles' existence. This gives him an authority to kill any Noble at his will. Rai's only weakness is that he loses a part of his life force every time he uses his powers and according to Frankenstein, his body has already reached the limit and is beyond full recovery. The only way for him to recover temporarily is hibernation. The reason werewolves did not attack nobles was because of the Noblesse. Muzaka stopped his people from going to war with the Nobles because he believed their race will be destroyed because of Rai's wrath. Even in his weakened state he has been shown to fight agents, modified former Noble Clan Leaders and werewolf Warriors. When his continued existence was brought to the Union, the Elders panicked & decided not to send any agent's in Korea any more. They also postponed their plan of taking over the world & going to war with Nobles until they what to do with the Noblesse. He has been able to fight and destroy those who have been enhanced by Blood Stones like Lagus and Maduke.

While Muzaka did cause Rai to enter hibernation it is possible Rai was holding back during their fight in order to not kill Muzaka. This is a theory but it is possible that Rai was already not at his best during his fight with Muzaka because during the Lukedonia Civil War he used a lot of his lifeforce against Nobles & his brother who was using the Blood Stone and centuries latter he used his powers to stop a berserk Frankenstein & later still awakens him thus using a lot of his power. If this is true then Rai has not using his power at his strongest.


This is the very first power he used in the series, shown when Rai opened the curtains after his awakening.[20] Later on, he is shown trying to exit Frankenstein's residence by attempting to open doors and windows.[21][22] This power is displayed in a more powerful fashion when he uses it to forcefully propel DA-5 leader Krantz into an adjacent wall. Another instance of this ability is used on a larger scale when he brought the 10th Elder hundreds of meters to the ground.[23] He was also able to break the chains holding Rael with telekinesis.[24]

Costume Change

This is the second ability to be shown in the series. Rai uses this when he woke up from his long sleep. After observing students walking on the sidewalk he changed his clothes to the white school uniform to blend in with the crowd. He later uses this ability again when he meets the Lord to change into a black, noble outfit. It appears that he can also apply this ability to others, as he did with Frankenstein the first time they met, and when he fixed the younger nobles' clothing after rescuing them in Roctis' Island.[25]


  • Mind Control: A common technique among the Nobles, however, it is shown to be more prominent in Rai's case, as he uses the ability effortlessly to bring powerful opponents to their knees. In one instance, he used it to take away a person's ability to breathe. It has been shown that Rai is so powerful that he can use his mind control to even freeze the clan leaders.
  • Mind Reading: Also one of the earliest abilities showcased in the manhwa. With this ability, he is able to sense and understand the thoughts and emotions of the people in his immediate vicinity. Using this ability, he mastered the Korean language within a day. He is also the only person who can read a clan leader's mind through force, like he did with Rajak Kertia, the Kertia Clan leader.[26]
  • Mind Link: Similar to the psychic link established between Regis and Seira, Rai has displayed this attribute by communicating with Frankenstein in the battle against Mary and Jake. In the aforementioned situation, he ordered Frankenstein to utterly eliminate the enemy before him.

Physical Prowess

As the True Noblesse the most powerful of all Nobles, Rai possesses immense physical strength, speed and durability.

  • Superhuman Strength: Rai has been shown to easily block his opponents' strongest attacks with little effort and is more than capable of sending his opponents flying with a mere flick of his finger. During his fight against Urokai and Zarga he managed to stop their soul weapons by swatting them away with his his strength. He also fought on par with Muzaka's agents who could cut a mountain in half with just a swing of his hands.
  • Superhuman Speed: Rai also has been able to move at extremely high speeds; such that he covered a distance the DA-5 needed 20 minutes to travel in less than a fraction of a second. He also surpasses Rajak Kertia, who is known for his incredibly high speed (the fastest of the Clan Leaders). He also managed to keep up with Muzaka, who was the former lord of the werewolves. Rai has also demonstrated superhuman speed, when he travelled around the world, destroying the Armageddon satellites, before they could be fired. It is estimated that he travelled at speeds close to the speed of light.

Aura Manipulation

Rai shield

Rai shielding the children with his force field.

As the true Noblesse, the most powerful being among Nobles, Raizel possesses immense spiritual energy (aura). With his aura, he can easily suppress strong explosions and attacks, as he did with the 10th Elder's suicidal explosion.[27] Rai can also create extremely durable force fields of spiritual energy, first shown to be used against Krantz. It was powerful enough to easily block all of the DA-5 leader's attacks despite the fact that Krantz's power was augmented both by the consumption of D and the absorption of former teammate Shark, who had also consumed D before being absorbed. Also his force field has the unique ability of absorbing the energy put into the attacks, even in the form of pure kinetic force (such as when he absorbed Krantz's slashes and punches). He can also easily nullify the flow and effects of the auras of others by releasing small quantities of his own aura. He is also shown to use his force field to provide protection to others.

Blood Reign

Rai blood 1

Rai uses his power and it drains his life.

Multiple blood fields

Rai conjures multiple blood fields against Roctis.

Blood Affinity: Rai has a natural and rare affinity to blood. With it comes certain abilities that can only be used by those who, according to Regis, "govern blood". He is also able to sense the origins of powers as seen with M-21's werewolf heart. He is the only person that met with M-21 and realized this without a thorough physical examination of his body. The blood Rai creates and manipulates has certain properties, due to the fact is drawn from his life force and infused with his powerful aura. The blood is actually quasi-solid, and is able to exert enormous pressure and absorb different types of energy. His control over blood is so profound that even simply saying that Ignes no longer had the right to look at him caused her eyes to rupture and bleed violently.[28]
  • Awakening: This is one of the unique abilities that only Rai possesses. However, awakening consumes a considerable amount of Rai's strength and the chances of success also depends on the potential of the person on whom it is used. Rai first used M-21's blood to awaken his werewolf abilities temporarily in order to fight the Infected. He also used this ability to awaken M-21 who was on the brink of death so he could heal a fatal wound. M-21 once asked Rai to awaken the injured M-24 without knowing what impact it would have on Rai. However, he stopped him from doing so once he learned its consequences from Frankenstein. Despite this, Rai uses this ability on Tao and Takeo to prevent their death even though he himself has been suffering profusely from recent random power usage. Awakening two people simultaneously strains Rai so much that he collapses for the very first time.[29]
  • Powers Sealing: Rai uses this power when he sealed Frankenstein's power. It is speculated, however, that it is more of a verbal command issued to Frankenstein by his Master, as he (Frankenstein) has been shown to abuse his power repeatedly. He can also use his powers to suppress the Dark Spear on Tao and Takeo for not consuming by it.
  • Blood Field: This power is unique even among the highest ranking Nobles, since Regis (a member of a high-ranking clan), had never even witnessed the technique. It is a powerful ability used exclusively by those who govern blood i.e. Rai and the current Lord. It creates blood out of thin air and shapes it into a powerful typhoon (or other shapes i.e. a dome of blood) that surrounds his enemies and completely erases all traces of their existence, possibly at a subatomic level or lower. The blood field also shreds apart the surrounding area and every thing within (e.g. skyscrapers) at a molecular level. Blood fields are also able to invert or completely disperse electromagnetic fields, such as the one that served as Lukedonia's barrier. They also can effect the Earth's magnetic field, seeing as satellites could detect a sudden dispersion of energy in the region where a blood field was summoned. Blood Fields also seem to scatter low-frequency red light, which is why inside a blood field, everything has a reddish hue.

Soul Weapon

Soul: As a Noble he possesses a soul weapon but it is revealed that unlike the other Nobles, Rai's Soul Weapon does not have a materialized form. The earring is a seal binding his mighty power. The combination of his "Noble Blood" and very own "Soul" is his soul weapon. With the removal of the seal, Rai lets out an enormous flow of power that can shake the surrounding environment and releases a giant whirlpool of blood. Unleashing his full powers, increases his powers of Blood Reign and unfortunately, drains his life, as revealed by Rai himself: "To drain my life as I use my strength...such is my fate".[30]

Enhanced Blood Reign abilities after releasing his Soul Weapon:

  • Blood Field: After removing his earring (activating his Soul Weapon), Rai is able to use the true form of "Blood Field". The true power of a blood field is that within it, the caster has absolute command over all creatures with blood and vastly dwarfs their abilities. But unlike the current Lord, Rai has better control and power on the blood and his Blood Field is shown to be able to shake both the sky and earth. He can release many Blood Fields repeatedly or at the same time while using his Soul Weapon.
Rai wings3

Rai as a Blood Demon.

Rai's phoenix

Rai's formidable Blood Phoenix.

  • Blood Wings: Rai has the ability to govern blood and shape it into two vast wings (together as tall as a large building). When this mode is activated, his eyes begin to bleed and glow crimson. His aura's power is magnified to the point where it is enough to cause Frankenstein, the 5th Elder and four Clan Leaders to involuntarily begin to tremble. His ascension into this state also causes an earthquake in the surrounding area. His powers are increased dramatically. After activating this power, he generates several Blood Fields instantly. These blood fields create craters hundreds of meters in diameter and shred apart buildings.
  • Blood Phoenix: A more powerful form of the Blood Wing stage, in this state Cadis Etrama Di Raizel gathers all the blood he mustered accompanied with his blood wings and transforms into an enormous phoenix of blood. This state is powerful enough to put two capable, experienced Clan Leaders into Forced Eternal Sleep. The phoenix strikes its target with incredible power. The impact is strong enough to appear as a bright crimson flash on the planet's surface. The victims' bodies shatter into numerous small blood crystals, and their souls enter Eternal Sleep.
  • Hemokinesis: Rai has the power to control the individual blood cells within his enemy's body. He can use this ability to cause blood vessels to burst, possibly by changing the temperature of the blood, stop blood flow, solidify/crystallize blood, limit/cut off speech by filling the larynx with blood, fill the lungs with blood, tear bodily tissues and flesh apart, initiate swelling, rupture vital organs or even break bones by causing the blood forming within them to exert massive pressure. This results in extreme pain for the enemy and is one of Rai's darker powers. When used in synergy with his potent mind control, Rai can subject his enemy to torturous punishment.
  • Void Hole: By exerting more power, Rai can manifest a void hole at an enemy that he sees. Any enemy affected would be slowly be sucked into it. It is like a hole that is eating up the enemy from the point of contact. The effects of this ability can be enhanced further more if Rai exerts more of his soul, down to the point whereby the suction speed and magnitude increases immensely, with the enemy ultimately at the end, wiped out of existence.

Ragnarok: After the death of the Previous Lord, part of the Ragnarok was given to Raizel while Raskreia was holding the incomplete version. When Raizel returned to Lukedonia, he found this Soul Weapon in his mansion. Instead of using it, he gave it to its true holder, the current Lord, to complete her Ragnarok. However, because of Raizel's exhaustion of using his own "Soul Weapon", Raskreia allows him to absorb Ragnarok to refill his health and powers. Currently, it has become a part of his own Soul Weapon, his blood and soul.



  • Raizel is of Old Greek, Latin and Yiddish origin. It means "rose". Roses symbolise balance.
  • Cadis refers to the Arabic ḳāḍī / Cadi. In Arabic, it means "judge".
  • Etrama is a combination of 3 words derived from Latin and Sanskrit. Et means "and" Ra means "fire which burns away sins" and Ma means "bestows happiness".
  • Di is Latin meaning two or double.
  • Together, his name means "Ultimate Judge of the Rose" or "The fire and judgement that burns away sins, bestows happiness and brings balance.".
  • Rai is obsessed with Ramen Noodles. He even eats uncooked ramen, (when leaving in a hurry after Seira's announcement that Regis is in trouble).
  • Rai believes ramen increases in size with time and likes to wait for it to grow before eating, which he has convinced Raskreia into believing.
  • He does not know how to eat a banana.
  • Rai maintains a constant track of losing in video games.
  • At the beginning of the series, it is shown that he doesn't know how to open a door and he also stared in awe the first time he sees an automatic door.



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