This incident is a short fight between Cadis Etrama Di Raizel and Frankenstein after Frankenstein and Urokai's battle in Lukedonia.


The Lord and The Noblesse arrive at the scene of the disturbance, because of the noises they heard. The Lord notices Urokai's injury and Frankenstein's berserk state. Frankenstein releases multiple dark aura projectiles aimed at the Lord and the Noblesse but the clan leaders immediately block the attack. The Lord commands Urokai to hold himself back and sends Roctis, Zarga and Lagus to restrain Frankenstein. He then asks Raizel what they should do. Without replying, Raizel steps forward, towards the clan leaders who are trying to restrain Frankenstein and commands them to back away.

Battle Summary

Frankenstein summons a ball of energy and turns it into a massive energy beam to blast Raizel. Raizel appears out of the dust cloud, his sleeves are torn and he has a small cut on his arm from blocking the attack. Frankenstein roars and blasts Raizel with two massive energy beams and he raises his hand to block again. Raizel receives a cut on his face and Urokai is saddened to see him not attacking.

Then Raizel uses his blood, dripping down his face to summon a blood field which even the clan leaders can't face. The Lord wonders why he decided to use his own blood to summon a blood field, believing that it is perhaps to gain more control over Frankenstein. The berserk Frankenstein panics and rushes to attack Raizel, swinging his Dark Spear at him from above. Raizel summons his Blood Demon form to block the attack.

After a massive explosion, Raizel is seen holding the Dark Spear away from himself. Raizel raises his hand to collect Frankenstein's blood from his face and brings it to his lips to awaken Frankenstein, who collapses on the ground, having been released from the Dark Spear which had consumed him. The Lord is surprised by Raizel's decision to awaken Frankenstein.


Frankenstein finds out that he has been awakened by Raizel. However, when he thanks Raizel for saving him while he serves him tea, Raizel drops the mug and bleeds from his mouth. Frankenstein realizes that Raizel's health is deteriorating and goes to the Lord's castle to consult the Lord.

Frankenstein meets Urokai outside the Lord's room and exchanges pleasantries with him. When Frankenstein enters the throne room, he asks The Lord if there's something wrong with Raizel. The Lord dismisses all of the clan leaders present and explains everything about The Noblesse to Frankenstein. He also explains what a contract is and how it is created.

After learning about Raizel, Frankenstein becomes convinced that power isn't worth losing everything. While he makes another cup of tea for Raizel, he thinks about making a contract and slits his wrist to put some of his blood in Raizel's tea. Raizel notices that something is different with the drink and then asks Frankenstein if he agrees to the terms of the contract. Frankenstein submits and kneels down, promising to serve him.

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