The battle takes place when Raizel comes to rescue the children kidnapped by the DA-5.


Shark and Hammer kidnap the children in order to capture Regis. Regis rebukes Shark for involving weak, innocent children which causes Shark to lose his temper. He picks Regis up to beat him but Shinwoo gets up and punches Shark in the face. Shark rushes to kill Shinwoo but M-21 stops him, offering valuable information to spare the child's life. However, Kranz orders Shark to kill all potential dangers. M-21 attacks Shark, his claws digging into Shark's arm, surprising Kranz and Tao with his ability to physically transform.

The battle between M-21 and Shark continues while Kranz and Tao discuss M-21's powers. M-21 collapses on the floor and Regis takes over the fight. Regis easily beats Shark and Kranz steps in to stop Regis from killing his subordinate. Regis is easily beaten while Shark aims to redeem himself by killing M-21 and stabs M-21 on the chest. He laughs in glory when Tao's sensors suddenly spot an intruder, estimating his arrival in about 15-20 minutes. M-21 anticipates that it is Raizel and chuckles. Shark believes that M-21 is turning mad before death but Raizel shocks everyone there by appearing at that moment.

Battle Summary

The DA-5 members panic at the instant appearance of the unknown person. Shark asks Tao if anything is wrong with the sensors but Tao himself is confused by the malfunctioning of the sensors (Raizel just traveled too fast and the sensors went off after his arrival at the scene). The children are confused to see Raizel and Shark realizes by looking at Raizel's uniform that it's no surprise that the children know him. Raizel stares down at Regis while Kranz asks Shark if he left the children's properties intact. Shark swears that he destroyed all their phones or any other device capable of sending signals outside. Shark asks Raizel who he is but Raizel doesn't respond. Shark starts to become irritated and Regis rebukes him again for his bad habits. Shark becomes enraged and starts beating Regis. He then resumes to questioning Raizel but Raizel stares down at M-21 this time. Shark complains about the children of this country but then he, Kranz and Tao feel something odd: they cannot move their bodies. Regis senses a familiar feeling from Raizel as Raizel claims that he never allowed them to move.

Kranz, Shark and Tao are surprised by their inability to move. Regis is also surprised that Raizel is able to use mind control to this extent. M-21 chuckles as Raizel turns to stare at Shark, who starts choking as Raizel hasn't allowed him to breathe. Kranz is severely disappointed with him for being unable to move and reaches for his pocket and manages to eat his D. He grows in size and breaks off the mind control. Kranz compliments Raizel and claims that he is only the third person to have made Kranz use his D but Raizel blanks him casually. This annoys Kranz and he lunges at Raizel to smash him with his fist. A massive explosion occurs and Tao believes him dead. However, everyone is able to see that Raizel is casually fending him off. Raizel uses telekinesis to smash Kranz into a wall and the children wonder whether what they are seeing is the real Raizel.

Regis is surprised to realize that Raizel is also a Noble but that he has never heard of him. Raizel then turns to stare at Tao but only passes by him and walks towards Shark. However, Kranz attacks Raizel from behind and commands Shark to deploy his D as well. Once Shark does so, Kranz stabs him with his fist and starts absorbing his powers. Kranz reveals to a confused Tao that the whole DA-5 was designed to be absorbed by him.

Kranz grows two blades on his arm and resumes fighting. Raizel doesn't respond to the new information and Kranz doesn't appreciate his opponent's confident look so he slashes the air to send multiple energy waves towards Raizel. The attack is absorbed by an energy sphere Raizel creates around him and Kranz becomes frustrated. He shouts at Tao to eat his D but Ik-Han tries to stop him. Tao, pauses for a moment, very touched by Ikhan's concern, but Kranz grabs Tao and ushers him on. Tao shows his reluctance to do so and the children beg to Raizel to stop Kranz. Kranz decides to kill the children but Tao jumps free from Kranz and attacks for the children. Kranz manages to cut the wires, enraged at Tao, and hurls him into a wall. He decides that he is running out of time and decides to absorb Tao's powers without the D, but is stopped again by mind control. Raizel responds to the children by saying that they don't have to beg him. The children are relieved to hear this as Raizel gathers up all the blood around the room to summon a blood field which shocks Regis who knows that only the ones able to govern blood can summon this space and remembers feeling the same feeling from one other being: the Lord. Seira and Frankenstein also feel this and become shocked. Kranz asks him who he is and how a power of this sort can possibly exist. To this, Raizel claims that he has no right to ask. The blood field rushes towards Kranz and kills him instantly, without leaving a trace.


Raizel awakens M-21 from 'death' and M-21 notices that his body is healing immensely quick. Tao admires the power of a Noblesse while Regis becomes curious. Frankenstein and Seira arrive at the scene and Regis and Seira communicate mentally to discuss the strength of Raizel. Frankenstein checks on M-21 who should have been dead but for Raizel's use of awakening and his regenerative ability. He then orders Tao to bring his pal from the roof of the building and follow him. Tao wonders who the pal is and submits to the order. Frankenstein sees that Raizel is bleeding from his mouth but Raizel dismisses any concern as he did the right thing to protect humans. They return to Frankenstein's residence where Frankenstein cures M-21 and Takeo. Tao explains everything about their true identities to the children whose memories are erased afterward.

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