This is the final phase of the battle between The Noblesse and the invaders of Lukedonia where Lagus Tradio faces Raizel in a one-on-one showdown with his newly harnessed power.


The appearance of the Noblesse shocks the invaders and they desperately attempt to stop him. However, Raizel easily overcomes them with his power. As the situation worsens for the intruders, Lagus brings out his trump card - the Blood Stone and the battle takes a new turn.

Battle Summary

Lagus takes out the Blood Stone and stabs himself with it. A vast amount of aura radiates from his body as he fuses with the stone while everyone else watches in shock. Raizel has to face the deadly stone once again, after eons from the confrontation with his own older brother during the civil war.

Lagus completes his fusion with the stone and gains a great amount of power. He is confident that even Raizel won't be able to defeat him in his current state unless he has recovered the same amount of energy he needed to defeat his elder brother in the past. Lagus easily destroys Raizel's Blood Field with a simple movement of his hand. Lagus aims at the wounded clan leaders but the Lord blocks it. Lagus is about to attack again but is stopped midway by Raizel's attack. Once again, Lagus easily overpowers it. He counters with an attack that even pushes Raizel back, landing a scratch on his face. The intensity of this power shocks everyone and Raizel changes to his Noble attire to face the enemy.

Lagus states that he admires Raizel for trying to fight him but he doubts that the Noblesse can handle his new powers. Lagus launches a large scale attack but much to his dismay Raizel easily blocks it. Raizel and Lagus clash directly and as the smoke clears both of them are seen with minor injuries. They once again clash and Raizel stops Lagus' punch easily and throws him in air. Lagus is shocked as he can't defeat Raizel even after using Blood Stone. He wonders how much strength his opponent has regained. Lagus launches an energy blast but Raizel easily crushes the attack. Raizel uses his blood tornado attack which hurts Lagus. Edian tries to help him but Raskreia interferes and overpowers her. As the werewolves and Edian try to defeat Raskreia, the latter has her powers awakened after the clan leaders remind her of Rajak's death. She easily defeats her opponents.

Lagus is angry beyond words as his teammates awakened the Lord's power instead of defeating her. He realizes that the situation has turned to the worst for him and he proceeds to use the ultimate ability of Blood Stone: Absorbing the Life Essence of others to add it into his powers.

Lagus absorbs the vitality of his former retainers and the gain in his powers is evident to everyone. He pushes Raizel into a corner with an energy blast which Raizel blocks after much effort. Before Raizel can relax, Lagus is already behind him! The latter cuts one of Raizel's Blood Wings and continues to overpower Raizel although he has to stop in the middle as he realizes that he isn't able to absorb the life essence of his former vessels anymore (Claudia destroyed the Runestones which were being used by Lagus to absorb Life Essence). Realizing that he lacks the power to continue any longer, he tries to absorb the life essence of everyone in the area. The clan leaders are saved by Raskreia but the weakened werewolves aren't as lucky. Lagus first absorbs Mount followed by Drakon and Kaiyo.

With his new powers he easily pushes Raizel into a corner. Lagus continues to overpower Raizel without putting any efforts. He is thrilled beyond belief for he is able to overpower the strongest being in existence without much efforts! Lagus launches the finishing blow which Raizel is in no condition to block. Edian comes in the middle and takes the attack to save the man she has loved for eons.

Edian tells the truth about her betrayal to Raizel. Raizel is shocked beyond belief as he learns that she was under the control of Lagus from thousands of years who used her guilt to drug her and then turn her into his puppet. Raizel is enraged after learning that his own brother and Lagus used Edian's love for him. Lagus once again tries to kill Raizel but he is stopped in the middle as Raizel attacks him.

Raizel shows his anger for the first time and Lagus is shocked that Raizel can still summon such power as he continues to receive one major injury after the another. A panicked Lagus summons his strongest blood-red vine attack and launch it on Raizel and Edian. Raizel with great effort overpowers the attack and counterattack with his strongest attack, the Blood Phoenix, which destroys Lagus.


As Lagus's body begins to disintegrate, he lamented that his ambition had come to a hollow end, and even with his new power granted by Blood Stone he still could not surpass the Noblesse. Lagus curses at Raizel and Nobles for not making their presence known to the world and reigning over it despite their superior powers. With his last dying breath, Lagus warned that by isolating themselves from rest of the world Nobles will be left behind and one day become extinct. With this warning Lagus entered into eternal sleep.

Edian also enters her eternal sleep due to the damage she took while saving Raizel.

The invasion of Lukedonia has failed with the death of Lagus but Nobles have taken more damage than they can afford: Rajak Kertia has entered his eternal sleep and Raizel has used much of his newly acquired life force.

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