Cadis Etrama di Raizel joins the fight himself to subdue the invaders of Lukedonia - traitor nobles and werewolves. Raizel asks Raskreia to step back so that he can fulfil his responsibilities as the Noblesse.


Raizel and Frankenstein learn about the invasion of Lukedonia from Muzaka. They rush after Rael experiences a full awakening (signifying Rajak's demise). After reaching Lukedonia, they find the barrier disabled and conclude that it was the doing of Lagus Tradio. Frankenstein is furious to see that the invaders have destroyed their mansion. Raizel sends Frankenstein ahead to help out the Lukedonians while he stays back and finds a valuable artefact missing from his safekeeping. Elsewhere, Frankenstein intervenes in the Lord's battle against the traitors and faces the foes by himself until his master arrives. However, when the Noblesse arrives the vicinity, none of the enemies notice his presence (due to a prior bluff by Frankenstein) until he releases a bit of his aura.

Battle Summary

The moment the traitors sense the aura and presence of the Noblesse, they become terrified. Lagus suppresses the instinctive fear and scoffs at Raizel for showing up instead of hiding and leading a normal life with humans the way he always wanted to. He assumes that Raizel is in no condition to fight after his recent battles with the Elders and sends a wave of gigantic aura tentacles at him. The spectators are shocked to witness Lagus summon more power than he had while facing the Lord. After the explosion clears, Raizel emerges in his Blood Demon form and warns his enemies to give it all when they face him. He then creates a massive blood field that surrounds everyone in the vicinity. Lagus shrieks with pain as he finds himself telekinetically crushed and orders Gradeus to attack. However, the latter is blocked by Frankenstein who reminds him that they are not done. Mount and Drakon charge at Raizel. While Mount is sent flying backwards, Drakon is forced to kneel under Raizel's mind control. Mount attacks again with a powerful energy beam but is thrown back towards Drakon, and Kaiyo who had come out of hiding to aid her teammates.

Lagus expresses his anger and disbelief at Raizel's power. Raizel releases a blood tornado that throws Lagus off his feet. Lagus tries to launch more aura tentacles but they wither away against Raizel's attack. He yells at the werewolves to do something.

Drakon realises that they have to fight the Noblesse in order to survive. The werewolves attack simultaneously but Raizel paralyses them all by using Mind Control and with a flick of his wrist, he sends them crashing away.

Lagus takes out the Blood Stone and decides to use it. He orders Edian to attack to buy him some time. She sweeps in with her Soul Weapon but freezes as she nears Raizel. Raizel tells her not to hesitate since they are enemies. Edian is stupefied when Raizel acknowledges her as his enemy and after a brief moment, she is knocked down.


Lagus stabs himself with the Blood Stone and a whole new battle begins.

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