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The security trio

The Special Security unit of Ye Ran High School is a group of modified humans (TaoTakeo and M-21), Nobles (Karias Blerster and Rael Kertia) and humans (revealed in Noblesse S) who work for the school's principal, Frankenstein. Their primary responsibility is keeping the school and its students safe from common dangers (such as gangsters whom Shinwoo fights). Additionally, the modified humans protect the community from irregular phenomena usually involving matters regarding Nobles or the Union . They also serve other purposes like speedy reconstruction of damaged buildings. They currently live with Rai and Frankenstein and have friendly relationships with the children.

M-21 joins when Frankenstein asks him to take the job.[1] Takeo and Tao join after Takeo recovers from his injury due to his energy drained by Dr. Aris.[2]

Karias volunteers to take care of the school, encouraging and Tao can follow the others to Roctis' island.[3]

Rael joins after the others get back from the Lukedonia's invasion incident.[4]


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