The Central Order is a governmental institution of Lukedonia. Agents of Central Order all hold the title of "Knight"; however, they're in charge of a variety of duties. These range from menial tasks such as delivering messages and guarding property to more significant functions such as investigations, interrogations and battling intruders. Knights of the Central Order answer directly to Ludis Mergas. It may be assumed that the knights come from different clans, as Ragar Kertia and Gejutel K. Landegre used the Central Order knights (Kertia Clan Central Order are the best at tracking) to capture Frankenstein.



  • Mind Control: An ability that seems inherent to all Nobles. When a particular agent used it, his eyes turns to bright white and releases hypnotic rays which shaped like concentric circles. 

Weapon Mastery

Many of the Central Order members seem to be skilled in the use of close combat weapons such as swords and spears, although their use requires prior authorization.

Different Agents