Cerberus sign

The Symbol of Cerberus

Cerberus is the name of the 12th elder's elite team of bodyguards and the central antagonist of volume 4. The team is comprised of five members; its captain always remains by the 12th Elder's side. After the loss of the DA-5 and Dr. Aris, as well as the blunder of attacking Lukedonia, the 12th elder has decided to send four of his elite guards to South Korea along with Yuri to accompany them. According to Tao, DA-5 was created as clones based on Cerberus, though Cerberus is way stronger. Even though they are quite skilled, the members of Cerberus use weapons for combat in high level battles. The creator of Cerberus is unknown, but it is speculated to be the 9th Elder.


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