Cerberus' Weapons are the weapons that were used by members of Cerberus.


The members of Cerberus generally used full-body suits except Taze. These body suits cover every part of the wearer's body and are black with with red accents and are form-fitting. The placement and design of the accents differs for each Cerberus member, and it is unclear whether they are meant to be functional or are there just as decoration. Beyond simply enhancing their powers Aside from the suits, the members each own a unique weapon:

  • Ked's pair of boxing gloves.
  • Rodin's trident.
  • Lutai's dual chainsaws.
  • Yuizi's weapon is unknown, as she was killed before she could use her suit.

Only Taze uses her weapon without wearing a body suit and the real Cerberus Weapon is the weapon she is seen carrying which was a "imitation" of a Soul Weapon the "Death Scythe". Both of them share the same name but the original one is exponentially stronger than the Cerberus clone.


Type Scythe
Owner Taze
Attack Style Taze uses two different methods of attack, depending on what she wanted to do to her opponent. Using the end or shaft, she would knock around her opponents, either to send them flying or to pummel and crush whatever part of them that she can. Alternatively, she wields the blade of her scythe to launch an energy wave that can kill in a single hit.
Description This nameless scythe has a blade that appears to be made out of bright pink energy. The head that connects the blades to each other and to the long black shaft is red and appears to have a fancy design. While Taze never gave her scythe an official name, those who know of it call it The Scythe of Death, as it had yet to leave any victims with their lives still intact. This weapon shared the same name with the original one owned by Seira but the soul weapon is exponentially stronger than the Cerberus clone.
First seen Chapter 229
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