It is a normal working day. The streets are full of people either going to work or school. As the young man walks along the street, following the path his mind tells him, he grabs the attention of everyone. Some schoolgirls blush at his sight whilst others stare at him, shocked to see someone as posh-looking and handsome as him. The man ignores the attention and waits for the green light to cross the road. The green light flashes, yet the man doesn't know what the light represents, therefore stands still. However, he learns that the green light allows one to cross the road, free from danger, by looking at other people, who start to cross the road. He sets out and crosses the road gently.

After walking along a bit more, he sees lots of students running past him as they are late to school. He stands there, unable to understand why they are in such a rush. Then, a boy tells him from behind that he should not be so relaxed as Pedro is on duty. The man turns around to confront the boy face-to-face; the boy freaks out after making eye contact with him and rushes off to school after checking the time. As he runs to school, he shouts at the man to hurry up or risk being late. As the boy slows down, he thinks back to the man's appearance, convinced that there was no student like him at school, as he would be very famous for his handsome looks. Then the boy starts to run again and the man slowly follows him.

The man then stops by the gate of the school, having heard someone speaking in a grave tone, rebuking a student for daring to be late on the day of his duty. As the man looks through the bars, he sees a man boiling in anger and radiating some sort of aura. He is the boy's main teacher: Mr. Park (Pedro).