In the school grounds, there stands a great stone, carved with a famous quote by William Ernest Henley: "I am the master of my fate; I am the captain of my soul." Mr. Park (Pedro) stands in front of the late students, who are kneeling down in front of him. He walks back and forth and with a stick in his hand, he intimidates the frightened students. Then, he stops in front of Shinwoo and smacks him on the head with the stick for being late once again. The other students giggle as Shinwoo is embarrassed. Then Shinwoo sees Yuna, whom he fancies, giggling as well, which worsens the situation for him greatly. Pedro then orders the students to do 5 laps around the sports ground, at which the students start to complain. At that moment, Pedro sees Yuna begging him to reduce the punishment and sees that Shinwoo is staring at Yuna in concern. He grins and proposes to the rest of the students that if Shinwoo runs 7 laps, everyone else can run 3 laps. At this Shinwoo freaks out, but he is faced with the rest of the students staring at him, pleading for him to take one for the team. Shinwoo sees Yuna and coolly says that he will run 7 laps. His friends rush towards him to embrace him in gratitude and Shinwoo's mood becomes more enhanced at seeing Yuna smile at him.

After the other students finish their laps, Shinwoo constantly moans as he continues to run. Mr. Park orders the other students to go to their classes quickly. He then senses something as he sharply turns around to see another student standing proudly at the gate. After an awkward silence of the duo staring at each other, the teacher asks him whether he has just arrived.