Mr. Park realizes that Rai is being rude to him, and whilst he is thinking about it, Shinwoo gets up and says that Rai does not have any exposure to the Korean culture and what he did was probably an honest mistake. Then (quite conversely) Shinwoo asks his teacher to put Rai in an headlock for 5 seconds as punishment. Mr. Park says that he will not do that and suggests that he'll do it to Shinwoo instead. Shinwoo then sits down humiliated. Mr. Park tells Rai about how he should respect his elders. Rai shoots a meaningful glance at Mr. Park (because Rai is over 820 years old). Rai is then instructed to sit next to Shinwoo.

In the next period when class starts, the English Teacher asks Shinwoo why he has his desk joined with Rai, Shinwoo says that Rai does't have a book. The teacher then asks why there are three of them who have their desks joined together, Shinwoo replies that he also does not have his book with him.