The chapter begins in the classroom, with Shinwoo waking up from a midday nap. The story is told from Shinwoo's perspective, he analyzes Rai's behavior. He notes how straight and alert Rai always seems, and notices that he only occasionally turns his head to the side to see what Ik-Han is typing on the computer. In this chapter, Ik-Han's highly proficient computer skills are introduced, as well as Rai's fascination with modern technology.

Shinwoo mentally notes that Rai emits a menacing aura, which makes it hard for others to approach him (even though they want to) during break time. He regrets sitting next to Rai, who is extremely handsome, because all the girls in class keep giving him glares of jealousy.

Meanwhile, Frankenstein is examining the coffin, in the abandoned building, trying to determine how and why his master's coffin ended up in such a place.