After running quite a distance away from the Infected, Shinwoo and the others having reached their limit, stop to take a break, panting (except for Rai). They then recount what happened before and come to the conclusion that there is certainly something strange about the guy who attacked Yuna. Yuna thanks the others for coming to her rescue and further asks Raizel that the girls have decided to call him Rai, and if it's okay with him. They all ask Rai about where he has been staying. As to that, Rai finds no answer because he himself doesn't know where his humble abode is. Remembering something that might help him, Rai conjures a piece of paper and hands it over to Shinwoo who finds to his surprise - that it's a photograph of Principal Lee. On the back of the photograph the phrase: I'm lost. Please help me. 01x-9000-0000 is written.

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