Shinwoo, Ik-Han, and Yuna take Raizel to the given address and find themselves at the Principal's home. While the Principal suppresses his surprise as he welcomes everyone in, answering Shinwoo's question, he tells the students that he knew Rai before, so they are now residing together. He is quite stunned to see the informal manner in which Shinwoo has been talking about Rai and is even more astonished that his master permits it. Then, Shinwoo and Ik-Han inform their Principal of the mysterious guy who, according to them, attempted to kidnap Yuna. They describe the guy as having pale skin, animal-like teeth and nails, laser-shooting eyes, and a look of hunger. This bit of news worries the Principal, but more shocking news follows. Shinwoo tells him that he needs to provide Rai with lunch money. This strikes Frankenstein like a lightning bolt. He, Frankenstein, had forgotten his master's lunch!

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