At school, it is announced that a murder has taken place in a nearby area, the students should go home straight away after classes, avoid shady areas and never go out alone. Mr. Park, their homeroom teacher, announces that four students - Shinwoo, Ik-Han, Yuna and Rai have to see the Principal. In the Principal's office, they are told that the murder was not an ordinary one and the strange guy they faced before could be a suspect. They are further questioned if they received any injuries with the negative reply from all. This relieves Frankenstein's anxieties as to any one of his students getting bitten by a vampire. Suddenly, Ik-Han speaks out, asking the Principal whether the murder weapon was a trashcan because if so, then Shinwoo is the possible murderer according to him. This enrages Shinwoo, tempting him to throw a trashcan at Ik-Han for his bizarre idea.