M-21 and M-24 locate the four kids they have been looking for. They decide to meet face-to-face with their to be victims. The four, however, are ignorant of this as they walk away from the PC Bang. Shinwoo is the liveliest of the four, having won against Raizel effortlessly. Yuna is also cheerful. Ik-Han is feeling a bit awkward when they notice two weird looking guys in front of them. As they pass by, Shinwoo exclaims that he recognizes one of the guys. Hearing this, the two wonder if he had noticed them before. Ending the suspicion, Shinwoo announces that one of the two looks like their home room teacher. As they leave, M-21 and M-24 wonder why the Infected guy didn't show up. But they soon realize that the sun has not set and they won't be able to enjoy the show until it's night.

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