Neither M-21 nor M-24 are ready to believe that beings with such powers exist. Whilst they are wondering, Raizel decides to leave. Frankenstein, though surprised at his master's decision, knows that there must be a vital reason and so follows. M-21 can't believe that they are just leaving them. But Frankenstein displays his power again to remind them of their position. Understanding that they're no match for these guys, M-21 knows that they have to leave too. Frankenstein follows his master and when they are quite a distance away from the others, Rai looks as if he's about to faint. Frankenstein grabs his master wondering if it is because he's still weak after awakening from such a long slumber. However, Rai discloses a more important reason: the button of his jacket came loose!!! This is shocking indeed for someone like Cadis Etrama di Raizel who loathes his clothes being messed up and Frankenstein can not but sniffle at the shock that his master has had.

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