After receiving a headlock from the detective and clearing things with the Principal, Shinwoo and the others find themselves in the cosy living room with Cadis Etrama Di Raizel. They can't believe that Rai doesn't even know how to open the door. But that's the past. They have come prepared with laptops and other essentials for playing games with Rai. At this Rai stand up and shares a smile which astonishes the others. Ik-Han realizes what that means ~ he must have practised.

Meanwhile, realizing the information they've received is useless, the two new agents decide to start investigating on their own. They ask for the location of the infectedM-24 says that he'll be crawling in the dark, Jake says that he'll show up soon, and they take their leave. Then M-21 and M-24 converse about the situation. M-24 tells his companion that he has severed his mind control link with the infected. M-21 supports the decision and concludes that they should not let anyone know that failed experiments like them have developed abilities that others haven't.

Meanwhile, Frankenstein comes home to find all the lights turned out and his master enveloped in a dark silhouette, engrossed by sadness.

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