News of the brutal massacre at the hospital, has spread and has become the main topic in school. Shinwoo and others assume that the murderers must be the guys they encountered earlier. When class starts, the homeroom teacher, Mr. Park tells them that the school will remain closed since both brutal incidents took place near the school. He further advises everyone to stay at home and wishes that everyone will come back to school when it reopens safe and sound. Saying this, he reveals a kind face showing his care for the students. Meanwhile, M-21 and M-24 watch the city in uproar and realise why the assassination squad did this. The massacre is so they can blame them for everything. Back in the Principal's office, Shinwoo and the others are called in. He advises them to be extra careful as the guys they met are most likely to be behind all the recent disturbances. He further tells Shinwoo to stay at Ik-Han's place, and another piece of advice does he render to Shinwoo: Do not climb the fence or hang up the phone after a one-sided speech ever again.

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