Frankenstein is ready to go out and investigate. Raizel warns him that the other side might have a backup plan as they have been showing off their strength. These words make Frankenstein think that his master is worried for him and nothing can make him prouder. Knowing what he's thinking, Rai quickly bids him farewell.

Meanwhile, the infected has told Jake and Mari that he knows the address of one of the eye-witnesses and leads them there. On the way, they make a feast out of some backstreet hooligans. As they enjoy more killing, M-21 and M-24 discuss the current state of affairs. The massacre was caused by Jake without a shadow of a doubt. Although Mary dislikes them, she wouldn't do something so rash. Besides, Jake's past deeds were bloody too. His first massacre was against the organization itself, in which he killed 138 people at the research centre where he was created. The organization turned a blind eye in favour of his powers, and made him a member of the assassination squad. Recalling all those events, M-21 and M-24 concludes that no one will care about Jake's doings over here as well. However, M-21 sees a flicker of hope as the two guys who came to rescue the children might show up again if the children come to any harm. Even Jake and Mary won't find them easy opponents. Suddenly, Yuna's phone, which is still with M-24, rings aloud. While he picks up the call with palpitations, all they hear is the melodious advertisement from a loan service.

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