Frankenstein informs his master about his findings from the recent encounter. The chances are high that the beings they've faced recently are humans experimented on by other humans. The power they possess, however, is not that of a human. At this, Raizel finds the answer to why he previously felt that feeling of not belonging anywhere from the two they had met before.

Meanwhile, M-21 and M-24 sit close together as Jake waits for full-recovery. M-24 has a sudden convulsion and succumbs to the regular intake of pills while M-21 watches his partner with sympathy in his grey-welled eyes. Jake jeers at the pathetic fact that M-24 won't last for more than 72 hours without the pills and makes insolent comments. Though anger kindles the flame inside them, M-21 and M-24 remain silent, knowing they can't do anything since it is not in their power to defeat the likes of Jake.

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