M-21 and M-24 sit in their temporary shelter thinking of a way to avoid Dr. Crombel. They can try to flee but M-24's body will break down without the pills supplied by the Union. All they can think of is to create a diversion and collect as many pills as they can from the research base and then get away. M-24 comes up with the idea of getting help from 'those guys' (Raizel and Frankenstein). He convinces his partner that although it's risky, it's much better to trust them, than the organization. Suddenly Jake, Mari and the Infected enter and ask them to show them the place where they kidnapped one of the children. This comes as a shock as M-21 cannot contact the 'other guys' to warn them that the children are in danger. Just then, the sound of a cellphone ringing startles all of them. Thinking it best to show composure in this awkward situation, M-21 draws out his cellphone in a relaxed way. Jake insists on answering the call himself and although reluctant to do it, M-21 obeys. Much to Jake's annoyance as he receives the call, he finds that it is nothing but an advertisement.

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