Shinwoo, Ik-Han and Yuna are on their way home after playing games at the principal's house. Jake starts complaining about why the children haven't shown up yet. Suddenly, M-24 sees the children passing by and recognizes them. In order to prevent Jake from seeing the children, M-24 starts talking to him and asks him why he hates them (M-21 and him) so much. M-21 hears this through the communication device and starts wondering if something strange is happening at their location because M-24 would never talk to Jake about something like that. However, M-24's plan fails as the Infected notices the children and starts growling. Seeing the Infected act like that, Jake notices the children's presence.

At Frankenstein's house, both Raizel and Frankenstein remain seated after the children leave. Both of them got there foreheads flicked after losing. Frankenstein asks Rai if his back is alright because of the punches he received. Rai tries to put on a brave face, claiming it had little impact.

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