Shinwoo wakes up at M-21 and M-24's hideout and immediately checks on Yuna and Ik-Han, waking them up. As soon as they wake up, Jake tells them to call the student who was with them before. Shinwoo refuses to call Rai, causing Jake to get angry. To prevent Jake from taking action, M-21 intervenes and tells them to call Rai. When Shinwoo and Ik-Han refuse to do so, M-21 kicks them in face causing Yuna to stand in his way. He tells Yuna to call Rai or get out of his way.

Shinwoo tries to stand up again but Jake warns them that they can shout or try to do whatever they want, it doesn't matter to him, because if he gets angry and starts with his method they are going to beg for their lives. He tries to kill one of them to use an example but M-21 stops him suggesting that the point of kidnapping them would be lost if they kill one of them. He once again asks them to call Rai and tells them that its the only way for them to leave that place alive.

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