After Shinwoo calls Rai, the Infected destroys their phones. He feels relieved that Raizel doesn't have a cellphone. Shinwoo called the principal instead and told him to come to the location they are being held. Seeing the Infected destroy their cellphones, Shinwoo wonders quietly if he is okay. After destroying the cellphones, the Infected asks Jake to let him fight with Shinwoo because he has a grudge against him. Though M-21 tries to stop them, Jake claims that they can pass their free time in an entertaining way and now that they have already called there is no worry in killing them.

In order to buy themselves some time, Shinwoo agrees to fight against the Infected, claiming that he is the whole reason for the mess. The Infected attacks recklessly, using his full strength and speed, but Shinwoo manages to keep dodging the attacks and starts attacking his opponent's vitals. However, the Infected doesn't feel any pain but he slowed down and his movements began to stagger. This leaves everyone surprised as the Infected is not an ordinary human and can't feel any pain. Jake praises Shinwoo, telling him that he is better than many professionally trained fighters. He asks Shinwoo to fight with him next.

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