Seeing Frankenstein and Rai, Mary says that them being there means that Frankenstein is somehow connected to the children. M-21 tells both of them that the building is an old Union building, the children are in the basement and their lives are in danger. In order to make sure the children and M-24 are saved, he tells Rai and Frankenstein to go rescue the children while he holds off Mary.

Mary tells him that he is a weakling who can't stop her even for a second and declares that none of them can defeat her. M-21 tries to send them away to save the children and his comrade but Rai tells Frankenstein that he will go rescue the children himself, asking M-21 to show him the way. Mary tries to attack Rai and M-21 to prevent them from leaving but she is blocked by Frankenstein. She tries to attack him but he easily dodges her attack and tells her that her skills are not quite on par with what she declared a few minutes ago.

Meanwhile, Rai and M-21 proceed to save the children and M-21 notices that Rai is easily able to keep up with him and wonders if he was hiding his true strength.

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