Jake and M-24 continue fighting, with Jake dominating the fight. While M-24 was able to keep up with Jake for sometime, Jake compliments his strength and asks if he was hiding it from the Union all along. M-24 keeps attacking with his full strength but Jake easily dodges the attacks and states that they may be powerful but are useless if the attacks do not hit their target.

Jake jumps up and knocks M-24 into a wall, destroying it completely, but M-24 counterattacks and manages to dodge. Finally deciding to end the battle, Jake uses partial physical transformation and uses his hand to pierce M-24's body while berating his and M-21's will to live. M-24 tries to grab Jake, but Jake pulls out his arm and leaves M-24 bleeding all over the floor. Jake decides to go and kill the children next.

The children are running away and somehow reach the elevator. They are worried about M-24 but decide to go on. Ik-Han tries to work out which button goes to the first floor, but suddenly the elevator is banged loudly from outside. Jake creates a hole in the door. Ik-Han tries to start the elevator but it has stopped working due to the broken door. Jake finally tears apart the elevator door, further scaring the children.

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