After beating M-24, Jake catches up with the children and destroys the elevator door. Shinwoo tries to attack and hold him back but Jake already frustrated, knees him in the stomach. When Yuna and Ik-Han try to help Shinwoo, Jake grabs them from their necks and throws them outside the elevator, sarcastically asking them if they are crying from a slight injury.

He tries to further harass the children but is suddenly grabbed from behind by M-24. M-24 punches Jake head on into the wall and then further knocks him into the ground but to no avail as Jake pierces his heart. Ignoring all pain, M-24 throws Jake into the wall using full strength, thus destroying the wall.

M-21 and Raizel are nearing the elevator and hear the sound of a loud crash. When the elevator doesn't work, M-21 cuts the door apart and starts explaining to Rai that children are in the basement, but is surprised when Rai jumps down without any hesitation. In the basement the children wonder how a human can cause this much destruction and if Jake and M-24 are still alive. Suddenly there is a small rumble and Jake is standing up again without any injuries. Jake sees the children and sarcastically apologizes for making them wait. When Shinwoo tries to stand up again, it angers Jake and he asks him what can he do by standing up again. Suddenly there is a loud crash in the elevator and Rai enters the room.

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