Frankenstein and Mari are fighting on the roof of the building. Mary keeps attacking but Frankenstein easily dodges all her attacks and finally attacks injuring her arms. Mary admits that Frankenstein is strong and decides to use transformation claiming that it will different from now on.

Inside the building, the children are surprised to see Rai. While they are talking, M-21 suddenly attacks Jake and injures him. M-21 asks about M-24's whereabouts so Jake tells him that he is under the rubble from the broken wall, stating that it's a suitable grave for a big guy like M-24. This angers M-21 who continues to attack Jake, injuring him as Jake is unable to dodge. Jake asks him the reason for hiding his powers, but M-21 keeps attacking.

Jake, unable to keep up, finally decides to transform. His transformed arms shock everyone especially the children and they ask Rai whether he called the police. Seeing no response from Rai, they are get worried about what will happen to them. They get upset about involving Rai in the mess and start crying and apologizing to him.

Meanwhile, Mary and Frankenstein continue their fight and Mary slowly starts to overpower Frankenstein.

The children try to hold on to Jake in order to stop him and ask Raizel to run away. Jake gets infuriated and pushes the children away as he shifts his focus back on Rai. Rai gets upset seeing all this and contacts Frankenstein via mind link telling him to break the seal restricting his power and eliminate the enemy that he is facing. Jake complains that kids these days don't listen to his orders and tells Rai that he is a pretty boy who is an enemy to all men. Rai doesn't respond to any of Jake's statements, which lead Jake to ask him if he is scared to even look at him. Rai states that there his eyes are too high and commands him to KNEEL, shocking everyone present. He then tells Jake, who is sitting on the ground, that this is where their eyes meet.

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