Upon receiving his master's command, Frankenstein removes the seal binding his powers. His dark aura leaves Mari paralysed with fear and the wounds given to her by Frankenstein start to hurt even more. Frankenstein mocks her asking if her wounds haven't healed with her advanced regeneration ability. He tells her that her wounds are not healing because everything about them started with him.

Mary asks him what he means, but Frankenstein stops himself, saying he said too much while he was excited about releasing his powers. Frankenstein forms multiple spears using dark matter and attacks Mary, killing her. At the Union laboratory, Dr. Crombel is shocked that Mary's signal which was connected to his mind disappeared, which means Mary has been killed. He orders some workers to look for Mary's location and send some troops there.

Inside the building, Jake is unable to move, being held down by Raizel's mind control. Everyone is shocked at the sight and M-21 wonders how strong Rai's mind control is. Jake tries to stand up but is still feeling the pressure of Rai's mind control and falls down again. He begins to feel fear. Thus Jake undergoes a more terrifying transformation and transforms his entire body. Jake is overjoyed with his new power. M-21 is surprised at Jake's strength and wonders if this is the new experiment Dr. Crombel was talking about. Jake boasts about his new power and states that he is the only one to have evolved to the next stage which is something no one else could do, only for Rai to tell him that he talks too much. He attacks Rai but is forced down again by his mind control, who asks him what of his transformation.

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