Dr. Crombel is at the laboratory checking the cause of Mari's death and wondering who her opponent was. He is given the file with results from the investigation. It includes Jake's DNA but the scientist notices that Jake's data is altered which leads him to question the scientists present there. They explain that Jake threatened them and they were forced to perform the experiment on him. Rather than getting upset or angry, Dr. Crombel asks about the results of the experiment. They explain that the experiment was fine initially but, started to break down later on.

While the discussion is going on, the Infected suddenly starts shouting. Crombel claims that they should dispose of the Infected as it is going to be useless to keep him. Much to Crombel's surprise, the Infected states that he did everything he was told to do. Wondering if there were any changes to the bodies of M-21 and M-24, Crombel orders a thorough investigation of the Infected's body.

Frankenstein suggests that Raizel should go and meet the children while M-21 apologizes for involving them in the mess. Frankenstein tells him that it was his partner who protected the children and he feels sorry for him. M-21 explains that his comrade wouldn't have regretted what he did as he had a soft spot for kids. Frankenstein questions him about their mission, but M-21 says that if the mission was of higher importance then the Union would have sent better agents and not them. Frankenstein enquires about the presence of Jake and Mary, which leads to a discussion about Dr. Crombel. M-21 tells them that he might be present in the Union's local branch. Much to his shock, Frankenstein and Rai decide to go to the branch to meet Crombel because the children could be placed in further danger.

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