The scientists assisting Dr. Crombel tell him that the cells in the experiment are deteriorating. Crombel tells them that they should be thankful that an Infected was able to perform this well at all. The scientists praise Dr. Crombel saying that they are honoured to work with him. Crombel leaves the rest to them and compliments them for their work. Back in his room, Dr. Crombel calls for Lt. Simon and tells him to destroy the base. He further tells him to eliminate all the researchers as well because they conducted experiments without the authorization of the Union which is a threat to the Union.

Outside, Rai along with Frankenstein and M-21 have arrived at the base. M-21 tells them that it's easier for the Union to disguise the base as a civilian building and suggests they enter through windows at a higher level, then use the elevator. He is shocked when Raizel enters using the front door. Frankenstein tells M-21 that Rai is doing this for him and wouldn't it feel better entering through the front door. They enter the building and decide to go to the base. Rai suddenly turns around and faces the front door as it's his first time seeing an automatic door.

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