Dr. Crombel sitting in his helicopter hopes that M-21 doesn't get killed by the Infected, before he reaches the base. Suddenly the pilot tells Crombel that someone is on the roof. Crombel looks outside to see Frankenstein standing there. He concludes that he must be the one Mari was talking about and introduces himself. He states that Frankenstein is one of Species Category B, called Vampires.

Inside the base, M-21 and the Infected fight with the Infected easily dominating. M-21 tries to destroy his head in order to defeat him, only to get stabbed by one of the branches coming out of the Infected's back. The Infected tells him that when he was infected by M-24, some of his memories flowed into him. He calls them pathetic for searching for names and throws M-21 into the wall destroying it. He then tells Raizel to wait until he kills M-21 and asks him to make sure he doesn't start crying. He then strengthens his muscles and attacks M-21 using full strength, only to be stopped by Rai, using just one hand. M-21 wonders why Rai saved him, but Rai tells him not to misunderstand as he only intervened because he can't tolerate the Infected's rude attitude towards him.

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