Dr. Crombel remarks that he knows how Frankenstein and his race hate being called Vampires and it was rude of him to use that term so he calls them Nobles. He praises Frankenstein for his strength and calls him an excellent potential experiment specimen. Frankenstein sarcastically questions him whether he has what it takes to do so. Crombel jumps down from the helicopter and clashes with Frankenstein mid-air. There is a huge clash of energy and both of them land on the building roof. They feel the presence of a huge power.

Rai has started to create a blood field. M-21 starts feeling his lack of strength and wonders if that's what a failure is. Rai ceases using his powers and tells M-21 that he is not weak. He tells M-21 that the origin of his power cannot be underestimated and asks him if he wants to see the proof. He then takes some blood dripping from M-21's face and awakens him. There is a change in M-21's heart beat and a full body transformation occurs. He grows new claws and a layer of fur covers most parts of his body. Rai tells him to show his true strength to the enemy.

M-21 attacks the Infected who is sent flying. The Infected claims that the fight has become more interesting and attacks M-21, who dodges his attack with relative ease. The Infected grabs M-21 with his branches only to have them destroyed. He is left with injuries all over his body from the attack and starts to beg for mercy in order to buy time for his regeneration. After healing, he attacks and pierces M-21's body, only to later realize that it was an after image. M-21 appears behind the Infected and attacks him.

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