With class over, Shinwoo suggests that they go out for dinner. Yuna thinks that they should avoid crowded places since Suyi is with them. Ik-Han claims that, in that case they only have one place to go. They all go to Frankenstein's house and leaving Suyi shocked. She comments on their natural behaviour as if they were at their own house. They tell her that Rai lives with the Principal, so they come to meet him regularly and thus know the place well.

Soon Frankenstein and M-21 return home and the former is shocked to see the table filled with lots of food and everyone having a party. Frankenstein looks at Raizel, who blanks him and turns his face away. Thus Frankenstein puts on a happy face and notes that they also brought Suyi today. Shinwoo asks him to bring some cups from the kitchen, to which Frankenstein and M-21 are a bit shocked. In the kitchen, M-21 asks Frankenstein if he needs any help to which he replies that he will protect both his Master and his house no matter what happens while releasing a dark aura.

Elsewhere at the hospital where the Infected had murdered people, two guards on duty are discussing the incident claiming that the hospital feels really scary since the massacre. Suddenly two people show up and when the guards try to stop them, one of them gazes at them and uses a special power to stop them.

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