The two newcomers enter the hospital and start looking around. They see a large number of blood stains along the corridors. It is revealed that one of them is a silver haired boy and the other is a girl with long silver hair. They are sure that it wasn't the work of a human, but, rather a mutant.

The next morning Raizel and Ik-Han enter the classroom and are greeted by Yuna and Suyi, who still blushes on seeing Rai. When Yuna asks about Shinwoo, Ik-Han tells her that it was impossible to wake him up. While on the way to school, Shinwoo is angry at Ik-Han for not waking him up. He is running very hard towards the school when he sees two silver haired students wearing their school's uniform. He wonders if they have dyed their hair or are wearing wigs. He slows down and tells them that they'll be late if they don't hurry but they don't show much concern, thus Shinwoo goes on ahead. Later at the school Mr. Park is on duty, he reprimands Shinwoo and asks him why he's always late when he is on duty. Shinwoo makes the excuse that he was studying all night but while they are talking, they see 2 students standing at the gate. They both have a feeling of Déjà Vu and Mr. Park leaves telling Shinwoo to take the students to the Principal's office or he can do laps around the field.

Shinwoo goes to Frankenstein's office with the transfer students. Frankenstein questions him about why he isn't in class. Shinwoo tells him about the transfer students and then leaves. Frankenstein is shocked when he sees the 2 students.

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